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5 Leather Furniture Maintenance Tips

Leather furniture is a major investment, and it may require more love and attention than other upholstered furniture fabrics. Because leather furniture is animal hide, it must be properly cleaned and maintained to uphold its integrity. In order to keep your leather furniture looking its best, here are 5 tips for leather furniture maintenance. Don’t […]

Furniture Cleaning: Protection Tips

  Majority of us love the look of that new furniture that you just brought to your Grosse Pointe home. However, don’t you just dread the thought of your furniture getting ruined? To help ensure your furniture stays looking brand new be sure to do regular maintenance furniture cleaning. This will help make sure that […]

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6 Hardwood Floor Trends to Watch in 2017

Can you believe 2016 is nearly over? Us either! It’s been another busy and successful year for Chet’s, providing our customers with hardwood floor cleaning services throughout Metro Detroit! Every year, we watch new flooring trends come in hot, and other trends fade into the background. We also do our fair share of cleaning those […]

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Upholstery Cleaning: What To Do and Not To Do

Aside from maybe vacuuming their furniture every now and then and treating light stains as they happen, not a lot of attention is brought to really deep cleaning someone’s upholstered furniture. The rest of your house is facing wear and tear and more attention seems to be brought to the carpets or the counter tops […]

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What you Need to Know about Tile and Grout Flooring

Tile and grout flooring is one of the most popular types of flooring out there. With its aesthetic appeal, versatility, and endurance it is a great option for any property owner. At Chet’s Cleaning in Gross Pointe, Michigan, we specialize in the cleaning and restoration of tile flooring. Here are some of the most important […]

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5 Carpet Care Tips Between Professional Cleanings

Home ownership requires a whole lot of dedication and willingness to spend money on things you may not necessarily consider “fun.” If you’re like a lot of Americans, you probably vacuum your home relatively often to suck up pet fur, hair, dirt, and other particles before they get deeply inset into your carpet. Just like […]

leather furniture cleaning

The Do’s and Don’ts of Leather Furniture Cleaning

Leather furniture is a great investment in any home. While often a higher price point than fabric, leather furniture tends to be more durable, age more gracefully, cleans easier and is hypoallergenic. It also can add a more expensive and sophisticated feel to any room and matches most décor. However, if you just shelled out […]

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Don’t Fall Into the DIY Trap

  Have you ever tried to do something yourself and it turned out to be a big mistake? It’s true, you can find a “Do It Yourself” video for just about anything under the sun on YouTube. In some instances, it is possible to do things yourself; in others, it is just best to leave […]

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How to Keep your Wood Floors Shining

  If you are a proud owner of pristine wood flooring, you know the great feeling that comes with gleaming hardwood. However, if you’ve had your wood flooring for as long as you can remember, it may be starting to look like your teenager’s car. After years of use, hardwood flooring scratches, scrapes, and wears […]

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Safe Ways to Care for Leather between Professional Furniture Cleanings

Leather furniture is always popular thanks to its beauty and durability. It’s also a more expensive choice than some fabrics, like microfiber, and an investment well worth protecting. In between professional cleanings by Chet’s Cleaning in Madison Heights, the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification offers some tips on things you can do to […]