Qualify the people who work in your home.

Look for a cleaner who can answer these questions:

  • Will they vacuum prior to cleaning? Vacuuming is a necessary step to get your carpet as clean as possible. After conducting a recent survey we found over 70{7c5a46e7e2ef4251ebbbebc726b5c81c0e3bcded662c22a8f6c71de3257d04ea}of carpet cleaners do not vacuum prior to cleaning.
  • Will they be using a vacuum with zero emission? You want these contaminants trapped, rather than released back into the air to be breathed in. Most vacuums, even with HEPA filters allow small particulate to escape back into the air.
  • Are their cleaning products green and hypo-allergenic? Some cleaners still use cleaners that are dangerous to the environment as well as us.