Why Is Chet’s Carpet Cleaning So Important?

Here at Chet’s, we pride our self in using the finest equipment and top shelf solutions, but it is our highly trained and motivated technicians that produce our superior results. Why Is Chet’s Carpet Cleaning So Important? Indoor air is 5 times more polluted than outdoor air and soiled contaminated carpet is the largest contributor […]

Carpet Cleaning – Red Juice Stain

This old red juice stain was said to be permanent, others have tried and failed to remove the spot. Our technician used a process called heat transfer to achieve these results. To perform a heat transfer we use the product that tested best to remove the stain, and then take a damp towel lay it […]

Dry Soil Removal from Area Rugs

Dry soil removal is vitally important! A 9×12 rug can hold over 90 pounds of soil without looking dirty. This soil is abrasive and cuts away the fibers every time you step on your rug. This soil contains harmful chemicals, bacteria, mold, pesticides, herbicides, and many other dangerous contaminants. Most professional cleaners don’t follow the […]

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The Best Way To Clean Your Carpeted Stairs In 6 Easy Steps

Call Our Team Today For A Quote! Carpeting on a staircase is a popular option.  People love the look of carpeted stairs, the safety that they provide and the sound barrier from all of the foot traffic.  Let’s face it, a staircase in a high traffic area can get quite a workout and trying to […]