How to Prevent Cross-Contamination in Your Home

When bacteria is spread by people, cleaning equipment and food, cross-contamination can occur.  People spend more time indoors than outside and that increases the opportunity for bacteria to transfer around the home. Illness and disease is lessened when proper cleaning methods are used, but cleaning properly is actually a detailed process.  Think about all of […]

Is Your Cleaning Company a “Green Cleaning” Company?

Have you ever stopped to consider if your cleaning company uses products that are safe for the environment?  Wouldn’t you prefer to use a company who is serious about the types of solutions they use to clean a home?  Why does it really matter if your cleaning company is using “green” products anyway? Many chemicals […]

Is your family’s health at risk because of your home?

Here are some sobering statistics and findings most of us don’t know: Over the past century man has produced over 60,000 new chemicals, many of which are toxic. Each year man produces over 2000 new chemicals!

  • We track most contamination into our homes and businesses from outside on the soles of our shoes, our pets paws and on our clothing.
  • Many contaminants come from cleaning products, insecticides, pesticides and other chemicals we use in and around our homes.
  • Our appliances, furnishings and the construction byproducts also leave some contamination behind. 80{7c5a46e7e2ef4251ebbbebc726b5c81c0e3bcded662c22a8f6c71de3257d04ea} of pesticides are found indoors. We spend more time indoors than ever before. On average we spend up to 90 percent of our time indoors.

4 Critical Factors You Must Know Before Letting Anyone Clean Your Carpet

Carpet and furnishings collect and contain harmful bacteria, soil, dust, pollen, and other HARMFUL bio-contaminates. The EPA suggests carpets be cleaned every 6 months to eliminate these hazards. They also found truck mounted, hot water extraction can be up to 15 times more effective compared to vacuuming every day.