How to Clean and Maintain Your Wooden Staircase

Having a wood floor on your stairs gives your home a classic, elegant look, but you’ll need to care for the wood over the years to keep it looking its best. Fortunately, cleaning and maintaining your wood stairs is not difficult once you know what to do. Here’s an overview of how to do it […]

How to Maintain Your Wood Floors

How to Maintain Your Wood Floors

Whether your home’s wood floors are solid or engineered hardwood or made of bamboo or maple, they add natural beauty and upscale appeal to your interiors. They can continue to look good for decades and even add value when you sell your property but only if you keep maintaining them properly.

5 Common Mistakes People Make When Cleaning Their Floors

5 Common Mistakes People Make When Cleaning Their Floors

Most people think they know how to clean the floors of their homes the right way, but they often make mistakes which can leave the floors less than clean and may cause damage. You can save money with DIY floor cleaning, but only if you do it correctly. Here are five tips to help keep your floors sparkling: 

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The Benefits of a Professional Hardwood Floor Cleaning

There is nothing like having polished, clean, beautiful hardwood flooring in your home. It can bring together the perfect living space and set the perfect tone for your home. It can also increase the value of your home should you ever decide to sell and relocate.  The downside is, no matter how hard you try, […]

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6 Hardwood Floor Trends to Watch in 2017

Can you believe 2016 is nearly over? Us either! It’s been another busy and successful year for Chet’s, providing our customers with hardwood floor cleaning services throughout Metro Detroit! Every year, we watch new flooring trends come in hot, and other trends fade into the background. We also do our fair share of cleaning those […]

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How to Keep your Wood Floors Shining

  If you are a proud owner of pristine wood flooring, you know the great feeling that comes with gleaming hardwood. However, if you’ve had your wood flooring for as long as you can remember, it may be starting to look like your teenager’s car. After years of use, hardwood flooring scratches, scrapes, and wears […]

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What can be done with this old hardwood floor?

This weekend might be warm.  That is a relief, because it has been a long cold winter. So much soup in the slow cooker and so many Netflix marathons, but now it’s time to open the doors and windows.  It’s time to dig up the flower beds and wash all of the windows. It’s time […]

Should You Get Your Wood Floors Professionally Enhanced and Cleaned?

There are several products and tools available to clean your wood floors.  They do a fairly good job of keeping your wood floors looking nice.  Even so, at some point, you will notice your wood floor will begin to lose its luster.  When should you consider having your wood floors professionally enhanced and cleaned to […]