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Wood and Laminate Floor Cleaner

Lamanate Deep Scrub $19.00
The first line of defense in preparing a well worn or dirty floor for the process of restoration. This ready to use liquid is specifically designed to get in and do a deep and thorough cleaning, easily removing oils, factory dirt and grime. Perfect for removing any previously used products too.
Lamanator Restoration $35.00
Helps to coat joints and hide major scratches in your flooring. This fantastic product helps to protect the original laminate surface and makes your flooring much easier to clean.
LamanatorPlus BuffDryCleaner and Revitalizer $34.00
The first step in bringing your laminate or hardwood floor back to a showroom new look. It is also perfect for regular cleaning, touch ups and maintenance for your laminate flooring.
Micro Fiber Floor Scrub Kit-$19.00