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Allison A.

I just had my bathroom tile, sofa and all of my carpets cleaned and Chet’s did a fantastic job! The team, Jerrelle and Nathan, were very prompt, very professional, friendly and thoroughly explained every step they performed. Not to mention answering every one of my many questions!

My house had many pet issues from a sick senior cat, so I really needed a company that could do a very thorough job. I knew Chet’s would be more expensive than other companies, but after researching/calling other cleaning companies, I realized they do SO much more than their competitors. Chet’s even uses earth friendly, non toxic solutions which is important for my household and current pet.

I was skeptical that any company could handle some of the carpet issues I had. However, Jerrelle and Nathan worked so vigorously the entire time they were there to try to make sure stains would not come back up.

Thank you for the professional, excellent cleaning and to the team that worked so hard. It was worth going with your company. It’s almost like having a brand new house!