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Jody L.

I NEVER write these reviews and was not asked by Chet’s Cleaning Inc to write a review, but I am SO very pleased with the outcome and appearance of my wool area rugs that I just had to write and recommend Chet’s – at least for carpet cleaning needs. I purchased a high quality plush wool area rug on craigslist. It had some stains and discoloration, but I felt if salvaged, it would be an awesome find. Come to find out, it was multiple urine stains, discoloration, and had been poorly cleaned over the years. Mike from Chet’s came out and said he felt they could do it justice and they did! What a miraculous recovery 🙂 Mike was courteous and kept me updated as to the progress of each cleaning step and re-dyeing of the discoloration. The wool came back soft and the colors look incredible. Thank you!