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Schlome B.

I’d put off having our tile and grout cleaned for longer than I care to admit. After several experiences with sub par carpet/tile cleaning services, I asked around and heard a lot of positive things about Chet’s Cleaning. The salesperson came over and gave me a price on the kitchen and bathroom, and while it was higher than I expected, it seemed reasonable for all the steps they promised to take. I have to admit, I was skeptical, as I doubted there could be that many steps to clean tile and grout.

So, here’s how it went:

1. They scheduled me for a Friday morning between 9-10. They showed up at 9:05.

2. Two guys showed up. They were well dressed, clean cut, and very personable. They laid out rugs and drop clothes and wore booties over their shoes. They also went around the house and put these protectors on the corners of walls where the hose was going to be run. I thought that was a clever touch to prevent paint damage from their equipment.

3. They worked for about 2 hours, very efficient, first prepping the floor, then cleaning it. While they were working, they suggested a few other items that they could clean, like my upholstered chairs, and provided me with a price for.

4. When they were done, they walked me through what they did, made sure I was satisfied, packed up their belongings and left.

5. A few days later, the office called me to make sure I was satisfied with everything.

End Results: My tile and grout look like new. I went into this with lowered expectations, and Chet’s exceeded it. While I initially thought the price was a little high, I was reminded (again) that you get what you pay for. Job well done. I am planning on using them again for my carpet and window treatments later this year.