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Coronavirus COVID-19

What You Must Know Before Hiring a Cleaning Company to Clean and Sanitize

  • Social distancing and Hygiene are the most important things we can all do to combat this virus!
  • Surfaces must be as clean as possible before using any disinfectant
  • Hard surfaces and especially touch points are critical areas that should be cleaned and Disinfected
  • Carpeting, upholstery, rugs and soft goods should be washed with soap and water

  • All surfaces develop a Biofilm along with soil and other un-healthy contamination.
  • If you don’t remove the Biofilm and this contamination the disinfectants will be consumed and will not be effective. Worse yet they will now have a larger source of contamination to feed on and cling to.

  • Most so-called “Professional Cleaning Companies,” Janitorial staff, and Housekeepers have been doing a poor job at cleaning. Many are uneducated, misleading or downright unscrupulous.
  • Most cleaners, housekeepers, and janitors have been surface cleaning and either pushing soil deeper into carpeting and upholstery or moving it around so it appears clean.
  • It is common that carpeting, upholstery and all hard surfaces still have this Biofilm, Soil, and Contamination even after professional cleaning.

  • Disinfectants must stay on a clean surface for at least 10 minutes to be effective! On carpeting and many other surfaces it needs to be rinsed or wiped off, otherwise, it will attract soil like a magnet.
  • If you use someone that doesn’t clean properly in the first place do you think they are going to rinse it off too?

It is now more important than ever to properly clean and sanitize all surfaces

What you must know to protect yourself, your family and your team