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Our Team

Chets-Employees-ChetChet Sadowski – Founder/Co-Owner
“Dramatically Exceeding Every Client’s Expectations Consistently!” is the mission statement that I live by each day. I strive to achieve the absolute best cleaning results possible, while providing the highest level of service and information.
“I started in the business as an assistant drapery installer working for Engleside Cleaners in the early 80’s. Sally and I started this company to not only provide for our family, but to establish an environment where doing things the right way is also the only way. Coming from meager beginnings has never lost its value to us as we grow in business. We try to tackle each day and each client with the vigor and fresh attitude we’ve had from the very first day. It’s amazing to me that with a ton of hard work and a little bit of luck, we were able to transform our operation from being run out of our very tiny apartment into the business we are today! Whether or not you are a client who remembers the days at our first store location (when it wasn’t uncommon to see our son, Chet, occupying one of the drapery baskets as his playpen!), or you are a prospective client, we welcome you and give heartfelt appreciation for you.I have an unwillingness to compromise on expenditures that ensure we utilize the most advanced cleaning products, tools, technology, and education. My dedication to becoming and maintaining our companies’ position as the area’s leading consultant in the care of fabrics & flooring will never waiver. Over the decades, as we’ve added staff members, the very essence of what we stand for is communicated in EVERY procedure, meeting, and appointment. I am very proud that we have earned the respect of our industry. Being a company that is entirely referral based remains a pivotal key in our continued growth. From the early days in 1986 to the present, we remain extremely focused on giving exemplary service. I invite you to experience the world’s greatest cleaning staff and hope that my mission is indeed delivered to your doorstep!
Sally Sadowski – Founder/Co-Owner
My name is Sally Sadowski. I am Chet’s business partner and wife. I have been a part of Chet’s Cleaning from its inception. Chet & I got married the same year we started this business, which was 1986. I will leave it to Chet to tell the story as to how the idea for a cleaning business came about. But when we started we were obviously young, and we literally had nothing to lose, of course accept each other. We lived in an apartment, we sold my car and his boat to help get us started. I have done pretty much everything, from carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, drapery cleaning, hanging drapes, taking down blinds, reinstalling blinds, climbing ladders, dry cleaning and pressing of clothes. Yes, at one time we did clothes and shirts (that was fun!) About seven years into our business, our son came along. I worked my entire pregnancy, up to the very last day. Ten days later I returned to work (with the baby) because who else was there to do payroll?! Today I am so lucky to only work part time. My position today consists of balancing the finances, as I like to say. Because in business it’s always a balancing act. I am so very proud of how hard we have worked and what we have accomplished. I have never been a visionary. I never found it easy to see what the future held. Thank God Chet had vision! When I think back to how far we have come from the early days, I would have never guessed we would have had so much success. But again, it didn’t come without hard work. Thank you for trusting in our company and our employees.
Chets-Employees-JenJennifer Carnaghi – Marketing Director
I began my career at Chet’s in 1999 as an office assistant and through my journey have been the office manager, the general manager, and are now the marketing director. My background in customer service found a home here; because our passion is to deliver each one of our client’s with an extraordinary experience, I love that my job is to support our staff in achieving those goals. In a world of corporate red tape, I find it refreshing to be able to come to a workplace where my thoughts and ideas count and are actually implemented. I come from a very large family and have always thought of our business as an extension of that family, having known Chet and Sally for almost 20 years! I am a Red Wings Fanatic! So, if you have an extra ticket you know who to call. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, listening to music, and spending time with my 2 nieces, and love being “favorite Aunt Jen” to all of my friends’ children.
Chets-Employees-LindaLinda Hirsch – Drapery Specialist
Only Chet and Sally have been here longer than me, I started in 1995. I have the joy of making tired draperies look new again. It is always fun to see dramatic results and knowing they are delighted when they see the clean drapes hanging on their window again. I am more behind the scenes, but if you stop in I will be glad to lend you a smile and help you out. My little boy Joey, who was a toddler when I started, isn’t so little any more, as he is taking college courses now, but he is still home for now and I am so glad to have him there.
Steve-CrokeSteve Croke – Fabric Care and Flooring Consultant/Service Specialist
I have been employed at Chet’s since April 2013. Prior to working at Chet’s, I spent eight years installing complex custom drapes & window treatments. I brought these experiences to Chet’s and have become one of the main installers. I also work as an inspector and cleaning technician providing excellent service to our customers. It is nice to work for a company that truly cares about its employees, customers and quality of work. In my spare time, I enjoy sports, exercising and spending time with my family.
chets-018Mike Sadowski – In-Plant Production Manager
I think I am the 6th or 7th family member of my Uncle Chet and Aunt Sally to work in the business. And I must say I am really happy to be here. I spent the first four years after high school working in the computer retail world. It was a great learning experience about customer service do’s and don’ts and also gave me the practical ability to be able to build a computer from scratch. I appreciate the knowledge I learned there, but grew tired of the late hours as I have a young family at home with a baby boy born in April of 2012 and a step daughter who is almost ready for kindergarten. When I am not playing with the kids I try to play some golf and am proud to say that I shoot in the low 80’s with regularity. Working for my family has turned out to be a real joy as I get to be out on the road working with clients who appreciate quality workmanship.
Haroon-ShafaiHaroon Shafai - In-Plant Rug and Leather Specialist
Hi! My name is Haroon. I was born in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. Since 2004 I have lived in the United States. I got my citizenship in 2009 and I am proud of it. I started at Chet’s Cleaning in May of 2013. Before Chet’s, I worked for Azar’s Oriental Rugs in Birmingham, Michigan as a sales consultant and oriental rug repair and care specialist. Every day at Chet’s Cleaning is a great opportunity to learn and expand my knowledge and expertise about the cleaning business, which I find interesting and a lot of fun. Outside of work I follow world news, read books, listen to music and spend time with my family.

Mary Ann McKevitt – Flooring and Fabric Care Advisor
Hello, I’m Mary Ann. I’ve been at Chet’s since December 2012. Here at Chet’s I utilize my personal experience to help get our client’s through some very messy situations! I understand that scheduling carpet cleaning is not the most exciting task, but I will do my best to provide you not only with quick and efficient service, but friendly conversation as well, I am very proud of my dedication to the St. Bernard Rescue League, I have been serving as the accountant for the Reno chapter for the past ten years. I am an overall animal lover, as I have two kitties at home. I love to bake! Everything from apple tarts to zucchini bread! Cookies are by far my favorite thing to bake, and I often tempt my co-workers with my creations. Chocolate Crack is also a popular goodie of mine. Please feel free to stop by my desk, I’m sure to have a smile and a treat for you!
Jerrelle Franks
Jerrelle Franks - Production Manager
Nichole Sadowski - Service Specialist
I’m Nichole, married to Mike, Chet’s production manager and nephew. I have been with the company for over five years. Prior to this I was a medic in the Army, but after my kids I realized I needed a safer more stable job!

Every day is different. No matter what every house, spot, stain and process is always different. You are constantly learning.

Pick 3 words that describe you: Perfectionist. Passionate. Genuine.

I’m Happiest When: I am home with my babies relaxing.
Pat Wiegand - Service Specialist
Been with Chet’s over three years and come from an art background.
Being able to see projects come together start to finish.

Pick 3 words that describe you: Pat not Patrick

I’m Happiest When: I get the sense of accomplishment from transforming something ugly into something beautiful.
Tami Morton - Flooring & Fabric Care Advisor
Twenty years business to business sales experience; Masters degree in Business Administration. I’ve lived in metro Detroit since 1996.

The people I work with and the wonderful clients are my favorite part of working at Chet’s.

Pick 3 words that describe you: Honest. Caring. Intelligent.

I’m Happiest When: The sun is shining.
JustinJustin Workman - Bookkeeper
I am an accounting student that is finishing up his degree at Walsh College. I got married last year and started as a cleaning tech that moved into the office to better utilize my skills.

I love the family environment. We are a small family owned business and everyone who works here is treated like part of one big family.

Pick 3 words that describe you: Positive. Motivated. Friendly.

I’m Happiest When: I am spending time with my wife, while enjoying the great outdoors and exploring new adventures.
ChetChet Sadowski III - Fabric & Flooring Care Consultant/Service Specialist
I was raised in Waterford, MI. I grew up around this business for the last 25 years. I went to Central Michigan for Marketing and Sales. After college I moved to Penner, working for a dental supply company.

My favorite part about working at Chet’s is that I get to be around my family and work with people I truly enjoy being around. Secondly, I love working with a company with such a high reputation where everyone knows we’re the best at what we do.

Pick 3 words that describe you: Honest. Hardworking. Sincere.

I’m Happiest When: I’m at home with my girlfriend and dog, or I’m out on the golf course.
EricEric Powell - Service Specialist
I was born and raised in Detroit, MI. I have three brothers and one sister. I went to Detroit public schools where I graduated in 1989.

My favorite part of this job is seeing a client happy.

Pick 3 words that describe you: Outgoing. Team Player. Determined.

I’m Happiest When: I complete a task any kind, I love to see the end result of hard work and dedication.
JackieJackie Weredick - Service Specialist
Christine Helton - Office Manager
Tommie Otis - Service Specialist
Carrie Ann Clark, Flooring & Fabric Care Advisor
Lawrence Banks, Service Specialist
Tyler Combs, Service Specialist
Chris Palenkas, Service Specialist
Jermalle Arnold, Janitor/Service Specialist