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Amazing photo of the week!

Technician: Craig Burks and Brandon Valuet

Situation: Blue nail polish spilled on newer light colored carpet

10-29-13 088

After: Blue nail polish completely removed.  Carpet was saved and so was the child!

10-29-13 089

To correct this it takes time, talent, education and expertise.  We are lucky we have such outstanding technicians that work hard at their craft.  It is very unlikely any other company would have been able to fix this issue.

Chet’s Cleaning established in 1986, has set a higher standard for professional cleaning ever since.  Our dedication to superior quality and service has built a loyal following of clients and industry partners who know we deliver what we promise.

This is why we offer you are Iron Clad Guarantee.

We do whatever it takes to make you delighted with our company. If you as a client of Chet’s Cleaning are not 100% delighted with our service you receive, we will do whatever it takes to make you a Chet’s Cheerleader for life, including giving you every penny of your money back.




  • Latest News

    • 4 Critical Factors You Must Know Before Letting Anyone Clean Your Carpet

      1. “EPA Declares DIRTY Carpets, Rugs and other soft surfaces a Health Hazard”

      Carpet and furnishings collect and contain harmful bacteria, soil, dust, pollen, and other HARMFUL bio-contaminates. The EPA suggests carpets be cleaned every 6 months to eliminate these hazards. They also found truck mounted, hot water extraction can be up to 15 times more effective compared to vacuuming every day.

      2. Insist on Clean Trust® Certified Firm and Certified Technicians that actually FOLLOW OR EXCEED THE GUIDELINES FOR PROFESSIONAL CLEANING.

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    • How to Organize Your Front Hall Closet

      There is no better time to clean out the front hall closet than over the summer.  Fall tends to be a busy time of year with the kids going back to school.  Before you find yourself with shoes all over the floor, backpacks shoved in and no place to hang those coats, why not get that closet organized before the chaos of another school year starts. The first thing you will need to do is empty out the closet.  Once the closet is emptied out, you can scrub down the walls or even apply some paint to freshen things up.  If you do decide to paint, you can make the closet really stand out by painting the back wall a different color such as green or blue. Assess the items that were taken out of the closet.  Get rid of coats and boots that no longer fit.  Throw out umbrellas, hats and mittens or any other accessory that might be torn, damaged or stained. Make a list of the items you want to store in the closet.  Consider using the list below to help you organize how to put things back.  Measure the longest and shortest coats.  Decide how to Read more →

    • 15 Clever Cleaning Tips and Tricks

      Cleaning and organizing can be a time-consuming and let’s face it, a boring task.  Here are some tips and tricks to make cleaning less monotonous and maybe even a bit more fun.  Wear a kitchen apron to hold cleaning gloves, sponges, a duster and scrubbing agents.  This is a great hands free way to carry your supplies from room to room without taking several trips to get additional cleaning items. Put a non-metal sponge in the microwave set for 2 minutes to kill germs and viruses. Coffee filters make a great screen cleaning tool to get dust off of staticky TV’s and computer monitors. A few drops of water, cream of tartar and a sponge will get the sticky gunk off of stainless steel appliances. To clean glass jars and bottles with a hard to reach small opening, fill with water and drop in a denture cleaner (such as Efferdent).  Let stand overnight and then scrub with a skinny nylon brush. To make a sink drain smell better, put lemon slice down the disposal and turn on. A q-tip dipped in vinegar will clean those hard to reach window and sliding door tracks. When houseplants look dusty, put them in Read more →

    • How Much Money Are You Wasting on Cleaning Products?

      Have you ever noticed how many different cleaning products you have at home?  How many of these household products don’t work very well?  How many cleaning agents have been so disappointing that you stopped using the product altogether? Buying cleaning solutions can be expensive and frustrating.  Every product out there promises to clean better and more efficiently than the next brand.  Aren’t you getting tired of trying out a product with the hope that it will do the job well?  No one product does everything, but having the right cleaning agents available can make cleaning a breeze. At Chet’s Cleaning, we pride ourselves on offering several premium spotting agents that remove some of the most difficult stains.  Research shows that consumers spend an average of $42.00 per month on cleaning supplies.  Being disappointed with the effectiveness of a cleaner increase the amount you will need to spend looking for a better product.  Who wants to spend the time and expense testing out one product after another in hopes of finding something that works well? Stain removers are some of the trickiest products to buy.  They might promise to take care of difficult stains, but how many of these stain removers Read more →

  • Testimonials

    Excellent job as always.  We are especially pleased with how clean the chairs are now.  Ed & Judy D., Milford
    Both Craig and Jermaine are just wonderful to work with. Always returned calls and very helpful to my needs.Christina M.
    Carl was great :) My house looks wonderful!Heather W.
    Excellent service and results but still extremely expensive.Allison R.
    I have used Chet’s before. Norm was great. (best job ever)Hudson and Mary M
    Jerrelle was outstanding. Friendly, courteous, and a true professional. He is a great “front line” representative for your company.Jeffrey and Patty E
    It was a pleasure working with you. Carl did a fantastic job. Exceeded our expectations!! We’ll be back!!Randy and Jennifer M
    Norm and Mike went above and beyond. I was able to leave them in my home alone and felt safe doing so. The carpet looks new, now I don’t mind spending the extra money because it is worth it. I will request Norm and Mike each time.Linda L.
    My 17 year old floors have a shine that is like new. The carpeted stairs and hall were added during the visit and are better than they have been in a long time.Richard and Susan C
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