What Makes Chet's Cleaning Different?

Welcome to Chet’s Cleaning, where excellence meets cleanliness!  

Unlike other cleaning companies, we take pride in going above and beyond to deliver an unparalleled experience for our customers. With meticulous attention to detail, eco-friendly products, and a team of dedicated professionals, we ensure your space not only sparkles but also breathes freshness. Discover why Chet’s does it best and let us redefine your expectations of what a truly exceptional cleaning service can achieve!

Chet’s Does it Best!

• Trust- we have built a reputation of great service and honesty. We have a zero tolerance for an unhappy client and will do anything possible to maintain your trust.
• We have over 850 5 Star reviews on Google for a reason
• Phones are answered by qualified and trained staff that cares.
• We hire the nicest people and train the technical.
• We also have continuing education daily and weekly.
• We show up on time ready to work.
• We have extensive and ongoing training.
• We are always testing and trying to improve our service at every level.
• Our employees are paid well and have good benefits so they can have a stable home, transportation and live a happy life.
• We remove dramatically more invisible, unhealthy, and toxic contamination from your home or business than anyone.
• Our technicians are experts at safe stain removal and our guarantee states, if we can’t remove a stain and someone else does we will pay their fee. • We take the time to pre-test so that we can safely clean just about anything.
• We have the absolute best state-of-the-art equipment that does a better job.
• We maintain our equipment, so it is always clean and in good working order.
• We have written systems for all our cleaning procedures and our technicians are evaluated to ensure that they are following them consistently.
• We use Green Hypoallergenic, environmentally friendly cleaning products for all our services. On the occasion we must use a product that is not, we limit their use to the bare minimum possible. (Paint, ink, lipstick, and a few other type stains)
• We follow and then exceed all industry standards and guidelines.
• We are careful in your home and have many protective measures to ensure that we leave your home the way we found it, just cleaner.
• We move whatever furniture you want moved if it is possible to safely move it.
• We come from a place of yes & have a “can do” attitude. We will problem solve, be creative and listen to your concerns and do everything possible to delight you.
• We charge what we must so our employees have time to do the job right.
• We will always give honest opinions and reasonable expectations of results by “doing the right thing” even when no one is watching.
• We don’t sacrifice quality for price.


26051 Dequindre
Madison Heights, MI 48071
Phone: 248.587.8343
Fax: 248.584.2319

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