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Why Our Multi-Step Carpet Cleaning Process is the Best

Experience impeccable cleanliness with Chets Cleaning Drapery & Blind Cleaning Service. Our dedicated team of experts is committed to reviving your drapery and blinds, leaving them fresh, vibrant, and allergen-free. With our state-of-the-art equipment and eco-friendly cleaning solutions, we ensure thorough removal of dust, dirt, and stains, restoring the beauty and elegance of your window coverings. Trust Chets Cleaning for professional, reliable, and top-notch drapery and blind cleaning that will exceed your expectations.

Blinds & Shades

We have been cleaning blinds and shades since Hunter Douglas, Graber, Kirsch, Levolor, and others started developing all the latest shades and styles. We have developed state-of-the-art systems and procedures for safe removal, transportation, and the most thorough and safe methods of cleaning them. We have cleaned more silhouettes and Luminette shades than anyone and we have thousands of delighted clients to show for it.

Although we can clean many treatments while they are still on the window, we almost always prefer to remove and clean them in our state-of-the-art facility. This is very beneficial when painting, getting new windows or doing any remodeling projects. We can store them until your project is done.


We have been expertly cleaning and re-hanging draperies for over 35 years. Draperies take special skills and care during the cleaning and pressing process but also take highly skilled craftsmen to properly re-hang them. We dress them down with steam and make them look beautiful again. Most of our clients say they hang better than when they were new. We have cleaned and re-hung some of the most intricate draperies you could imagine. We are experts at stain removal from some of the most difficult and delicate fabrics. We also do restoration of smoke-damaged draperies and other household items.

How we clean blinds & Drapery step by step





Chet's does it best
Achieve Pristine Window Treatments with Our Expert Cleaning Services

By entrusting us with your window coverings, you not only save money by extending their lifespan but also enjoy the benefits of fresh air in your home, free from allergens such as dust, animal hair, and pollen. Rekindle your love for the beauty of your windows and say goodbye to the hassle of constant cleaning. With our professional expertise, you can relax and spend more time enjoying your space, while we keep the colors of your drapes looking fresh and vibrant. Don’t spend unnecessary money on purchasing new drapes when we can revitalize your existing ones to their former glory. Experience the ultimate convenience and satisfaction with our drapery cleaning services.

We need to ascertain the items’ integrity, age, possible sun damage, and proper operation. Sun and atmospheric contamination can degrade and weaken fabrics, so it is best for us to inspect the window treatments where they are installed.


Every manufacturer uses different mounting hardware and methods for attaching them. Our experts are skilled at removing virtually all shades and blinds safely.


We carefully package all types of shades, so they are safe while being transported. We have developed some of our own packaging methods because it is so important.


Our expert cleaning technicians have many years of experience, the best cleaning solutions, and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the most thoroughly cleaned blinds and shades.


Draperies, Curtains, Sheers, Cornice Boards, Scarves, Verticals, Custom Shades, Mini-Blinds, Duettes-Pleated Shades, Silhouettes, Luminettes


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Critical questions when selecting the right Window Treatment cleaning company

-We will remove dust, smoke, pollen, orders, and soil from your drapes.

-Keep your drapes and curtains looking like new.

-Save money by extending the life of your window coverings.

-You’ll feel better with fresh air in your home without the allergens from dust, animal hair, and pollen.

-You can finally enjoy the beauty of your windows again.

-You’ll save money on buying new drapes.

-Spend less time cleaning, more time relaxing.

-Keeps colors looking fresh and vibrant.


Most frequent questions and answers

The first type of drape that you should consider is sheers. Sheer drapes allow light into the room, but also provide privacy for those who wish to not be seen from outside their home. Another type of drapery is a thermal curtain. These curtains will help insulate your home and can even help reduce energy costs in certain climates. A third option is blackout curtains which block out all light and noise – perfect for bedrooms or other rooms where people want uninterrupted sleep!


Drapes are a type of window covering that hang from the ceiling. Curtains, on the other hand, hang from either side of the window frame.


Drapery is a word that may be used to describe decorative fabric panels on windows, curtains hung around beds to give them privacy, or any other type of fabric hanging. Some people use drapery as the term for all types of window coverings, but it’s more accurate to call curtains and sheers by their names.


If you have certain spots of concern, let us know so we can give them special treatment. Also, we’re animal-lovers, but if you don’t think your pet will love us, please put him or her in a separate area for safety purposes.

So the work performed in your home or business can be as safe and efficient as possible, we ask that you move small pictures on window ledges or other items that will be difficult to work around. Preparation for commercial customers such as large office buildings, hospitals, etc., is discussed in much greater detail with your sales consultant.


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