Professional Leather Cleaning

What Makes Us Different?

Chet was a master leather cleaner and restorer and received many years of training and experience. He has passed these procedures and skills down to our expert cleaning technicians, so they understand the art of leather care.

Leather needs to be cleaned and properly conditioned to restore the essential oils that tanneries originally used to ensure that it lasts a long time. Without proper maintenance, it dries out and develops micro-cracks, fades prematurely, and will ultimately split and be damaged beyond repair.

Expert Leather Cleaning & Protection

Often times, getting your leather professionally cleaned and protected is all that’s needed to make it look great again. Chet’s Cleaning can rejuvenate leather and remove discoloration and blemishes from pets, children, food and drink stains, pen markings and more. Our leather conditioning service re-moisturizes, revitalizes and renews leather to give it a fresh new look and feel that also extends its life.

Experience With It All

From sofas and love seats to kitchen chairs and stools, we have years of experience treating and repairing leather furniture. No matter how damaged your leather product may be, we are confident that we can restore it to its former glory for a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Chet's Does It Best

But it doesn’t stop there. Our leather conditioning service goes beyond cleaning – it re-moisturizes, revitalizes, and renews the leather, giving it a fresh new look and feel that not only enhances its appearance but also extends its lifespan. With Chet’s Cleaning, you can trust that your leather furniture will be restored to its former glory, all at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

How we clean Leather step by step





Chet's does it best
Achieve Pristine Leather and Healthier Spaces with Our Expert Leather Cleaning Services

Experience the ultimate in leather care with our expert leather cleaning services. At our company, we go beyond mere cleaning to deliver pristine results and create healthier spaces for you and your loved ones. Our team of skilled professionals understands the unique composition of leather and the importance of preserving its beauty and longevity. Using industry-leading techniques and specialized products, we meticulously remove dirt, grime, and contaminants from your leather items, restoring them to their original splendor.

We begin by testing the leather to determine its type: Protected leather, Aniline leather or Nubuck leather. Although we clean all three types, the cleaning process for each is slightly varied.

We use products and methods that clean deep into the pores and grain of the leather while enhancing its natural characteristics. This ensures that your leather is never dried out or damaged


The leather is nourished with the same agents used during the original tanning process. Essential oils lost through natural aging, sunlight and use are replenished to enhance the look, feel and most importantly the integrity of the leather.


A special PH-balanced rinse agent is used. This ensures that leather is returned to its most favorable PH condition and all cleaning residue and soil are completely removed.


We expertly clean and condition – Aniline, Nubuck, Suede, Hair on Hide, Eel, Python, and other difficult and exotic leathers.


Click Here and Check Out Our Gallery of Leather Cleaning Services Before and After Pictures.

Critical questions when selecting the right Leather cleaning company

  • Were they trained in the complete tanning process?
  • Are their solutions approved by all the major tanneries?
  • Is protection included in their process?
  • Is conditioning included in their process?
  • Do they have the expertise to remove difficult stains and the knowledge to repair marks or tears?
  • Will their methods dry out and cause irreparable damage to your leather goods?
  • Are they trying to clean and condition in one step? This is physically impossible, just like shampoo manufacturers misleading us with a shampoo that conditions, they cannot do both!


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes. Most definitely! We understand the feelings of fear and frustration when tackling a project that you are unfamiliar with. We also provide a technical support “hot line” that you may call to get quick answers when you need them. Call us toll free at 248-587-8343.


Genuine leather is a type of skin. It should be maintained in top hygiene without depriving it of its natural moisture and softness. Our professional cleaning techniques and products work against germs. They also work as a conditioner to keep the pH balance normal and to revive the shine. One wrong cleaning approach to the leather sofa could be catastrophic due to the delicacy of the material.


Our leather cleaning service is suitable for any type of sofas, divans, couches, settees. We also clean other upholstery such as stools, chairs, armchairs. Our services include cleaning of your leather car roof, door trims and seats. We apply the most appropriate cleaning method and detergents according to the type of the leather furniture.


Our leather sofa cleaning company has adopted the eco-friendly policy in sanitizing and disinfection. For all the cleaning chores we use organic and natural products. This includes stain removal and nasty smell elimination. The cleaning solutions we have are environment-friendly and cannot harm your children or pets. The products are certified and preliminarily tested.


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