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About Us

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Chet’s Cleaning Vision

To provide the most outstanding cleaning service for our clientele, while creating a positive work environment for our employees, and become the industry’s most trusted cleaning consultant!

Chet’s Cleaning Mission

To Dramatically Exceed Every Client’s Expectations Consistently! In order to accomplish our mission we make sure that our decisions will support our six point marketing message!


Our goal is to be the most trusted cleaning consultant in the industry; having been a strictly referral-based business for over 25 years, we realize to maintain success and longevity; we must have a zero tolerance for even just one unhappy client.

This is why we have this Iron Clad Guarantee.

We do whatever it takes to make you thrilled with our company. If you as a client of Chet’s Cleaning are not 100{7c5a46e7e2ef4251ebbbebc726b5c81c0e3bcded662c22a8f6c71de3257d04ea} delighted with our service you receive, we will do whatever it takes to make you a Chet’s Cheerleader for life, including giving you every penny of your money back.


Our reputation and consistent uncompromising quality (performance) produce the most loyal clientele, giving us unmatched security. To be viewed not only by our industry and clients, but also our referral associates as the cleaning consultants.

Education & Equipment:

Allow Chet’s Cleaning to provide the best results through technical training and providing our technicians with the most efficient and effective cleaning tools on the market.


Established in 1986, Chet’s Cleaning is able to utilize the knowledge that they have gained over the last two decades to provide our clients with the ability to properly maintain the investments they have made in their homes and provide a healthier environment for their families.


Chet’s Cleaning has realized that the only way to offer consistent cleaning results is to have guidelines and programs in place. This ensures every client will receive the best results possible, regardless of cleaning situations or technician performing work.


By offering premium wages, our company will provide a happy and stable work environment for our staff.