Fiber & Carpet Protection

Superior Fiber Protection

Keep your new furnishings looking new longer with Fiber ProTector! We offer the world’s most advanced protection to protect all fabrics and fibers; Does NOT change the texture, look or feel. We guarantee for a full 5 years that if you get a stain that we cannot remove we will refund the amount you paid for the protection on that item. We cannot guarantee Viscose or Cotton rugs or carpeting and certain Viscose upholstery fabrics. 50% off service calls for spot removal for the full 5 years. 

  • Completely Harmless to Humans, Pets and the Environment
  • Provides Easiest Stain Release of All Products
  • Prolongs the Life of Carpet Upholstery and Rugs
  • Protects Against Bacteria and Mold
  • Helps Protect Against UV Sun-Fading
  • Green Labeled
  • Improves Vacuum Efficiency
  • Safe for Leather

Fiber ProTector® ↗

Diamond Level- Uses Isopropyl Alcohol as its base. Has a very strong odor for an hour or so after application. This has been tested and proven to be the most effective fabric protection available anywhere.

Fiber ProTector Comparison


Solvent-based using odorless mineral spirit can be used on all types of fabrics, leather and upholstery Can be extremely slippery while wet so we try not to use it on rugs or carpeting.


A water-based protector that can be used on any item that can be safely wet cleaned. Very economical We normally use this protector on all wall-to-wall carpeting and rugs.


Sunbrella protection solvent-based protector. Recommended by Sunbrella to be used on outdoor fabrics.

Material We Clean ↗

Upholstery, Leather, Rugs, Carpeting, Outdoor Fabrics

In Action

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About a 50% Savings Off Diamond

Our premium protection is applied to the entire piece of furniture or wall to wall of carpeting. 1-year spot/spill Guarantee, if you get a stain that you cannot remove with our spotter we will come out and remove the spot at 50% off our normal service fee. If we cannot remove the spot, we will refund the amount you paid for the protection on that item.


About 25% Savings Off Platinum

Our premium protection is applied to the entire piece of furniture or wall to wall of carpeting just like Platinum but with No Guarantee.


About 50% Savings Off Platinum

Our premium protection only applied to the seating area and arms of upholstery or the traffic areas of your carpeting. No Guarantee.

Critical Questions to Ask When Selecting the Right Fiber Protector

  • Do they Pre-Qualify what the end results will be by performing a sample area?
  • What kind of protection do they provide for the other areas over which they may run hoses?
  • Do they pre-agitate grout lines prior to cleaning?
  • Do they pre-spray or are the detergent and rinse combined in one step?
  • Do they have special tools for performing difficult jobs such as edge, wall, and countertop tools?




FIber ProTector® creates an invisible shield against oil and water-based stain causing liquids and soil types. It even provides a reduction in damage causing UV exposure.


Other protection products provide a basic level of protection from some oil and water-based liquids. Few protection products have any UV protection qualities at all.



Fiber ProTector’s nanotechnology-based formula makes a penetrating bond. Although no protection product will last forever, Fiber ProTector® will provide superior protecting performance for many years and will survive.


Traditional surface barrier protection products can be removed easily by normal wear and professional cleanings. These topical treatments will need reapplication every 6 to 12 months or after professional or DIY cleanings.



Fiber ProTectors® proprietary formula contains no Silicone. Never has…never will!


Many well-known protection products contain Silicone. Silicone has been known to cause a yellowing effect to some fibers and as it breaks down, actually becomes a soil attractant and voids most textile manufacturers warranties



Fiber ProTectors® formula contains no harmful PFOA or PFOS Ingredients. Fiber ProTector is the only protection product in the world to earn the EnviroSeal® certification! EnviroSeal® is an evaluation and certification for environmentally responsible maintenance products suitable for use on carpets, rugs and furnishing fabrics.


Other protection products utilize outdated, harmful chemical that contain PFOA and PFOS which have been shown to be extremely persistent chemicals, both in the environment and in human tissue. Recent studies have linked these chemicals to serious damage to the immune systems in children.



Fiber ProTector® mechanically creates a clinically proven Bacteriostatic environment on textiles it is applied to. This “Bac-Stat” Environment has been tested to show a 99.9% reduction in mold, mildew and bacteria propagation.


Other protection products have no known benefit of performance in this area.



Fiber ProTector® reduces surface tension. This prevents damage causing particles from attaching to fibers and reduces fiber to fiber contact which leads to fiber wear.


Other protection products provide time limited protection and will need more frequent reapplications for long term performance. Every 6 to 12 months or after professional or DIY



Fiber ProTector® has been clinically proven via independent third-party testing to be harmless to humans. Fiber ProTector® is chemically inert once it has dried.


Many Protection products contain ingredients that are known to have irritant causing effects to humans. (In some cases, capable of producing serious health issues.)



Fiber ProTector® proprietary formula has been laboratory verified to contain no Fluorocarbons whatsoever.


Some of the most recognizable names in protection products are fluorocarbon based. Fluorocarbons are industrial chemicals that produce potent greenhouse gases, and some form toxic compounds that can accumulate in the environment.


When Can I Utilize The Items, I’ve Had a Fiber ProTector® Product Applied To?

The length of time will depend on which one of our products is utilized for your project. Our solvent based product drives fastest, usually within one hour with most items returned to light, normal use 4-6 hours after application. Fiber ProTector® DECO, DUO, and H20 could take longer. Full protection is achieved after product t has cured for 24 hours.

Does Fiber ProTector® Have An Odor?

For our entire line of protection products, there is no scent once cured. Fiber Protector’s family of solvent protection products have a discernible odor when applied. This intensity of this odor will depend on which of these protection products is utilized for your project.  Our premium protection product utilizes medical grade Isopropyl Alcohol as a carrying agent which dries in minutes, and the odor dissipates depending on ventilation and relative humidity.  Our DECO and DUO protection products has a very slight odor, however take a few hours to dry. Our Enviroseal Certified Water-Base product has no discernible odor at all, yet will take the longest to dry. Our Licensed  Applicators will commonly use natural ventilation, and air-movers which can accelerate the drying process.

Will Fiber ProTector® Make My Textile Fibers Last Longer?

Fibers treated with Fiber ProTector® are up to 60% more resistant to wear and abrasion because soil must wear through the protection before causing wear on the fibers. Similarly, fibers must wear off the protection before they can wear on each other. This “wear resistance” promotes longer fabric life and less frequent need for replacement. Treated fibers will release dry soils more effectively with simple routine vacuuming as well.

How Does Fiber ProTector® Prevent The Growth Of Mold Mildew And Bacteria?

Fiber ProTector® is created with nano-tech particles, that when applied, reduce the surface tension of the individual fibers. It creates an invisible, yet breathable shield around each fiber, providing an effective barrier against organic fluids, soil and dust. The unique and proprietary Fiber ProTector® system is engineered to mechanically produce a bacteriostatic surface to resist the growth and spread of pathogens, mold, and mildew. This is of particular value for individuals with allergies, asthma or a weakened immune system when subjected to recycled indoor air.

What Types Of Fabrics And Fibers Can Fiber ProTector® Be Used On?

Virtually all types of fibrous items natural characteristics are enhanced by the application of Fiber ProTector® Products. Our Licensed Applicator will choose the best product due to your fiber and specific application. Virtually all textiles benefit from a Fiber ProTector Application including, wool, cotton, nylon, polyester blends, silk, cellulose and regenerated cellulose, natural suede, synthetic suede and even finished leather! Fiber ProTector can also be applied to most any porous material you would like to keep the natural look without adding a sheen to the surface of the item treated. Item such as Travertine, Marble, Wood, and even concrete are treated by our worldwide applicators.

Is Fiber ProTector® A Disinfectant?

Fiber ProTector® does not claim to be a disinfectant, however Fiber ProTector’s premium solvent based protection product PRO utilizes medical grade Isopropyl which is an EPA/CDC listed disinfectant. Items sprayed with Fiber ProTector® and allowed proper dwell time have had a highly effective disinfected applied. This is an added benefit of the Fiber ProTector® application.

Will My Carpet Or Upholstery Fibers Change Color Or Feel Different After Using Fiber ProTector® Products?

No! Once again due to the advanced nano-technology utilized in Fiber ProTector® products, there will be absolutely no discernable difference in the look or feel of your fibers. Sometimes a slight over application may stiffen certain fibers temporarily, however normal use or first vacuuming after 24 hours brings them back to normal.

Are Fiber ProTector® Products Safe To Use On Wool, Silk, Or Other Delicate Fibers?

All of the Fiber ProTector® family of protects are Silicone free! Silicone has been shown to produce a residue when applied to wool that can actually cause rapid re-soiling of of fibers when exposed to oil-based contaminants. Our Fiber ProTector® products are tested and approved by the WoolSafe organization and therefore safe to use on wool. A Fiber ProTector® application is the absolute best way to protect you silk, viscose, bamboo, or other delicate fibers from damage causing moisture.

Are Fiber ProTector® Products Safe Around My Children And Pets?

Fiber ProTector has been tested to be nontoxic to humans and is chemically inert once it has cured. Fiber ProTector® has been used in healthcare facilities around the world, in air ambulances, and in Nursing homes to help keep textiles clean while keeping patients safe. Fiber ProTector® is a perfect way to protect your valuable textiles while also protecting your family and pets