Professional Cleaning Services

What is So Different About Hiring Chet’s Cleaning? 

At Chet’s Cleaning we are dedicated to delivering the absolute highest level of service, using the safest cleaning solutions and following the industry’s highest standards of care. We understand that the hidden soils and contamination in our furnishings are harmful to our health and we have developed systems that remove more harmful contamination than our industry normally employs. We offer an array of professional cleaning services including oriental rug cleaning, carpet and upholstery cleaning, surface cleaning and disinfecting and more!

If you find it hard to believe that we can be so much different than all the others, then read some of our Google reviews and be assured that we are the pinnacle of our industry. 

We are a place where our employees are treated like family and encouraged to grow and develop themselves personally and professionally. We take an active role in helping our staff develop and achieve their life goals. We attract and retain the best people because we are a place where our staff makes a rewarding living and is proud of where they work. We have a culture where our staff is passionate about helping others.

We are professional cleaning consultants and craftsmen in the art of textile preservation. We continue to innovate and improve our systems to ensure that we are the pinnacle of our industry. We are a franchise model that sells its systems to elevate the standards of the industry.