Emergency Tips

Emergency Spot & Stain Removal Guide

Chet's Cleaning Chart

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Spotting Procedure

We are not responsible if these procedures cause damage to your carpet or upholstery! Always pretest every spotting solution or rinse agent in an inconspicuous area before attempting any of these procedures!

Step 1

If you have a thick spill, scrape it up with a plastic spoon onto newspaper. Work your way from the outside in to avoid making the spot larger.

Step 2

Blot as much of the contamination up as possible by using white cotton towels or paper towels.

Step 3

Apply the appropriate Spotting Solution to a towel first. Gently blot , if you get any transfer on the towel, you have the correct solution. If there is no transfer, keep trying solutions until you find one that gives you the most transfer.

Step 4

On delicate textiles, spray Spotting Solution on a towel first and blot. Keep using different areas of the towel until the stain is removed. For synthetic color safe textiles, you may apply the Spotting Solution directly on the area and use the bottom of the bottle to agitate the solution in.

Step 5

Blot excess moisture from the spot by using a dry white towel or many pieces of paper towel and standing on it for at least one minute. Repeat Steps 4 and 5 until most of the spot is gone.

Step 6

Rinse by applying water* on the area (or spray on a towel for delicate textiles) and blotting. Repeat until you are confident the area is rinsed. *Plain water is fine, but for more effective results; mix 2 oz. of clear household vinegar with 1 qt. of water.

Step 7

Extract and dry the area with a clean, dry towel by applying pressure for at least one minute. Tip: Use a rock or something with weight and place it on a folded dry towel. Leave it there until the spot is dry.


Repeat all the steps until you are confident the spot is gone.