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Keep Your Carpets Cleaner

carpet cleaning grosse pointe, commercial carpet cleaning grosse pointeCarpet cleaning.  Two words that few of us desire to hear.  It is usually grouped together with spring cleaning terms or your annual commercial building cleaning.  This is not a task that you take lightly, yet at the same time, you do not want to spend too much time on it. That’s when it is time to give your carpet cleaning company a ring! Until the professionals arrive, here are a few carpet cleaning tips that you can put into practice that will help keep your carpets cleaner, longer. 


Like spider silk, the fibers within the carpet are very thin and can easily cling to anything that comes within their grasp. Dirt captured between the lining of your shoes or boots can easily be dispelled and strewn about your carpet as you walk. A small fraction of dirt never hurt anything, however, over time, the dirt that becomes lodged within the fibers can be difficult to remove if nothing is taken care of.

One way that you can be mindful of the dirt that your coworkers or yourself track into the business is by placing welcome mats throughout the entrances and exits of the building.  By doing so, any dirt pebbles or grit have a more likely chance to be dislodged from one’s boots and shoes.


This seems like such a trivial task, however maintaining a constant schedule for vacuuming one’s carpet will keep outdoor pests such as rocks and dust bunnies out of the fibers and make a more enjoyable work environment.  Make sure that when you do vacuum, move the vacuum slowly in order to chase out any dirt or other outsiders from each section of your carpet, and then flank them quickly in order to dispose of them properly.


A vacuum is only effective in it’s cleaning jobs if it is properly maintained. Failure to do so will result in poor performance and decrease the life span of your vacuum. In order to keep your vacuum in tip-top shape, make sure that you keep your vacuum bag and/or filters clean. Your vacuum’s suction power can be reduced by fifty-percent when the bags and filters are dirty. Keep extra bags around and be sure to clean out the vacuum properly, regularly.


As a business owner, cleaning your carpets probably isn’t on your priority list and that’s ok! But, your carpets lifespan will greatly increase if you invite professional carpet cleaners in to perform routine cleanings. In Grosse Pointe, the best carpet cleaners around are the professionals at Chet’s Cleaning. Chet’s certified carpet cleaning technicians are trained and experienced in handling all different types of carpeting. So you know that when you call Chet’s, you are getting the best experience possible. 

Don’t let your carpets fade out and break apart! All they need is a little TLC and they will be looking brand new again. Call Chet’s for a free estimate today!