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Carpet Cleaning Grosse Pointe, Michigan

carpet cleaning grosse pointe, carpet cleaning services grosse pointe, carpet cleaning services grosse pointeCarpets are made for comfort…and feet. Although vacuuming, traditionally, is a weekly or daily scheduled event, what about a good scrubbing? Many households go years without getting their carpets cleaned! Thankfully, there are carpet cleaning services in the Grosse Pointe area, such as the team at Chet’s Cleaning, ready to assist with thorough dirt, dust, and debris removal.

Carpet Cleaning In Grosse Pointe

Importance Of Cleaning Carpets:

Carpets are laden with hair, dirt, dust, bacteria, and skin, among much more. If you have pets, the list becomes even longer! Carpets can house viruses and other diseases!

Nor virus: Nor virus is a virus caused by fecal residue. This can be tracked into your home on shoes, by pets, and by toddlers. If you’ve ever used a public restroom, you’re at risk. This virus causes headaches, stomach pain, vomiting, diarrhea, and fevers. As with most viruses, this is dangerous to young children, and the elderly. 

Mold: Mold is an organism that feeds on the material that houses it. I’m sure we all eat in carpeted areas frequently, or at least occasionally. Bits of food certainly drop from our plates and fingertips and are comfortably embedded in the carpet threads. Here is where mold growth begins. Even if you don’t dine in carpeted areas, bits of food are transported via feet and shoes throughout the house. Oftentimes, food can sink deep, stick, and become difficult for a vacuum’s suction to perform its duty.  Certain types of mold can cause headaches and respiratory issues.

Dust mites: Dust mites are nasty little creatures that live off flakes of skin found in carpet, pillows, furniture, etc. The solution is easy: decrease the amount of skin buildup around the home, and decrease the amount of dust mites residing with you. 

Dust: With air ventilation, dust is constantly being thrown around into the air. On an unwashed carpet, every step sends puffs of dust into the air. 

These are just a few reasons why carpets should be thoroughly washed and disinfected regularly. 

How Does The Carpet Cleaning Process Work?

This process is done in steps. First, members of a carpet cleaning team will assess the condition of the carpet. This comes in many different forms. Some use a while towel test where they soak an area of carpet with a spotting solution and press a while towel on the area. Depending on how soiled the white towel becomes, the team will know what technique to use to thoroughly clean the carpet. Some use a dry soil test where vacuum suction is applied and a black cloth shows the level of dirt, dust, and debris that was sucked out. 

After this, special cleaning solutions will be applied, and steam cleaning will commence. This is a condensed version of the process, as Chet’s Carpet Cleaning has 14 steps they go through to ensure immaculately clean carpet. 

If you’re in the Grosse Pointe area, and are in desperate need of clean carpets, be rest assured there are carpet cleaning teams ready to jump on the job to freshen up your home!