“Dramatically Exceeding Every Client’s Expectations Consistently!” is the mission statement that I live by each day. I strive to achieve the absolute best cleaning results possible, while providing the highest level of service and information.

I started in the business as an assistant drapery installer working for Engleside Cleaners in the early 80’s. Sally and I started this company to not only provide for our family, but to establish an environment where doing things the right way is also the only way. Coming from meager beginnings has never lost its value to us as we grow in business. We try to tackle each day and each client with the vigor and fresh attitude we’ve had from the very first day. It’s amazing to me that with a ton of hard work and a little bit of luck, we were able to transform our operation from being run out of our very tiny apartment into the business we are today!

Whether or not you are a client who remembers the days at our first store location (when it wasn’t uncommon to see our son, Chet, occupying one of the drapery baskets as his playpen!), or you are a prospective client, we welcome you and give heartfelt appreciation for you. I have an unwillingness to compromise on expenditures that ensure we utilize the most advanced cleaning products, tools, technology, and education. My dedication to becoming and maintaining our companies’ position as the area’s leading consultant in the care of fabrics & flooring will never waiver. Over the decades, as we’ve added staff members, the very essence of what we stand for is communicated in EVERY procedure, meeting, and appointment. I am very proud that we have earned the respect of our industry. Being a company that is entirely referral-based remains a pivotal key in our continued growth. From the early days of 1986 to the present, we remain extremely focused on giving exemplary service. I invite you to experience the world’s greatest cleaning staff and hope that my mission is indeed delivered to your doorstep!

Chet Sadowski
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