My name is Curtis Rooney, I am a former political science student and current wedding officiant in training. Lifelong Macomb resident, living down the street from where my grandparents did when they were my age. I took the position with Chet’s following two and a half year as an Inventory Clerk for a major grocery distributor. I am interested in history, psychology, and tabletop games. I live with my wife, she is an IT specialist, and 2 cats, and a dog, all rescues.

My favorite part about working at Chet’s Cleaning is the well-organized office and the satisfaction of superior cleaning performance. Also learning to compliment the working styles of my co-workers and making friends with Nova and other office dogs.

3 words that describe me are: Methodical, Responsible, and Imaginative.

I am happiest when I am achieving the flow state in work, when doing my job right becomes automatic, and all that remains is performance, refinement, and completion. That feeling of satisfaction-in-action is what competence feels like, and nothing else quite compares.

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