My name is Joshua Biniek, I grew up in Almont, MI and then moved to Tennessee halfway through high school. I worked at my Aunts Social Media Marketing Agency and that inspired me to pursue digital marketing. After that, I created a small social media business called Glided Growth and was able to land some large contract jobs through that. I moved back to Michigan and got a job at UWM as a Mortgage Analyst. I wanted to get back in the Digital Marketing realm, so I applied here and landed the position as a Digital Marketing Specialist.

My favorite part about working at Chet’s Cleaning has to be being able to use my mind and be creative with my work. The whole culture here is very friendly and welcoming and made me feel like family from day 1.

3 Words that describe me are Organized, Self-Reliant and Eager.

I am happiest when I am able to take walks or bike rides in the park. I love being outside and enjoying nature.

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