My name is Sally Sadowski. I am Chet’s business partner and wife. I have been a part of Chet’s Cleaning from its inception. Chet & I got married the same year we started this business, which was 1986. I will leave it to Chet to tell the story as to how the idea for a cleaning business came about. But when we started we were obviously young, and we literally had nothing to lose, of course accept each other. We lived in an apartment, we sold my car and his boat to help get us started.

I have done pretty much everything, from carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, drapery cleaning, hanging drapes, taking down blinds, reinstalling blinds, climbing ladders, dry cleaning and pressing of clothes. Yes, at one time we did clothes and shirts (that was fun!) About seven years into our business, our son came along. I worked my entire pregnancy, up to the very last day. Ten days later I returned to work (with the baby) because who else was there to do payroll?!

Today I am so lucky to only work part time. My position today consists of balancing the finances, as I like to say. Because in business it’s always a balancing act. I am so very proud of how hard we have worked and what we have accomplished. I have never been a visionary. I never found it easy to see what the future held. Thank God Chet had vision! When I think back to how far we have come from the early days, I would have never guessed we would have had so much success. But again, it didn’t come without hard work. Thank you for trusting in our company and our employees.

Sally Sadowski
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