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Allergy Relief

  • Ozone Technology – We can safely remove organic odors from fabrics and carpeting caused from skunk, urine, smoke. This can be done in home or at our facility.
  • Microban (Clean Carpet Sanitizer) – A specialized procedure using this product will destroy odor-causing microorganisms. This process is useful in basements or any area where moisture and humidity are prevalent and will improve indoor air quality and maintain air freshness.
  • Asthma & Allergy Relief – Dust mite feces and pet
    allergens are some of the leading causes of allergic

    Microscopic photo of dust mite (above left) and close up of flea eggs and larvae (above right). This kind of organic debris collects with airborne contaminants and soil deep within your carpets.

    diseases. This unique product alters the shape of these proteins, which prevents them from causing allergic reactions. Results can be seen within a few days and can have a residual effect up to six months. The products are hypoallergenic, non-toxic, dye & perfume free, and contain no VOCs (volatile organic compounds). They are also biodegradable and environmentally safe. Allergy Relief Treatment is guaranteed to work or your money back!