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Premium Fabric Protection

Most effective first line of defense

Fiber ProTector can be used to protect all textiles even the finest natural ones. Fiber ProTector does not affect natural properties such as breathability or surface texture and it does not affect other fabric treatments such as fireproofing or anti-static treatment.

Added benefits from treatment are the significant reduction of sun fading, static build-up and reduced dust in an indoor environment due to the improved efficiency of daily vacuuming.

  • Keep the new look: Fiber ProTector is the most technically advanced and effective fiber protection system available.
  • Care for investment: Fiber ProTector extends the life cycle of textiles and helps to maintain the original appearance and intensity of color.
  • Keep it clean: The effectiveness of Fiber ProTector allows you to specify materials normally unsuited for high traffic environments.
  • Long Lasting: A Fiber ProTector treatment is extremely durable and resists mechanical wear, tear and cleaning for many years.

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Other Protections


Platinum Protection LM (Low Moisture) – This is a premium protection that has been formulated specifically for Chet’s Cleaning. It provides the same great soil, stain, spill, and oil resistance properties of Dupont and Scotchguard. However, it is applied with much less moisture, making it safe to use on more of the premium fibers we encounter. It is water based so it is safer and better for our environment. Our highly trained technician will advise on which protection is best for your home.

Ultimate Protection with UV – This premium product provides the same soil, stain, spill, and oil protection as the protection listed above. However, it also protects against ultraviolet sunlight by slowing down fading and sun degradation. This product is mixed with a highly refined solvent instead of water, making it safe to use on even the most delicate of fibers.