It’s been a long, beautiful summer but it’s quickly fading into fall, which means before you know it, it will be time to stow your boat away for the winter. Winterizing your boat involves more than just a deep cleaning and a weatherproof cover. You want to take the proper steps to ensure your boat stays looking like new even after years of enjoyment. Check out these three tips to prep your boat for its winter nap.

1. Service the Moving Parts

Your poor boat has been running hard all summer long, providing you and your family with enjoyment in the sun without a glitch. Make sure that your trusty boat is ready for the sun in the spring by servicing all of its moving parts. Here’s what you need to do:

2. Protect the Interior

Whether you’re storing your boat inside or outside, no schedule to winterize your boat is complete without a thorough cleaning of the interior. Your floating haven can experience a lot of trauma over the course of the summer, from fishy friends to spilled beverages on the upholstery, so taking the time to get it thoroughly cleaned and shined means you’re not leaving damaging materials on the seats or flooring.

3. Protect the Exterior

Giving your boat a good scrubbing bath before winter means you’re getting rid of all the toxic materials that may be there while stopping rust in its tracks. When the gel coat of your boat is exposed to harsh winter conditions, it can quickly become chalky and will no longer protect it, which could cause it to rust long before expected. Even after you’ve taken the time to clean up and detail your boat, it’s still a good idea to store it inside or at least invest in a good quality cover that will protect it from the ravages of winter and the harsh sun that beats down all year ’round.

Need help with your interior boat cleaning before you store it for the winter? Contact Chet’s Cleaning and take advantage of our specialty services that are specifically created with your boat in mind. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help protect, winterize and beautify your boat so it will provide you with years of enjoyment for years to come.

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