Leather furniture is a major investment, and it may require more love and attention than other upholstered furniture fabrics. Because leather furniture is animal hide, it must be properly cleaned and maintained to uphold its integrity. In order to keep your leather furniture looking its best, here are 5 tips for leather furniture maintenance.

1. Don’t Neglect Your Leather Furniture

The perception of owning leather furniture is that it is resistant to high levels wear and tear, therefore regular cleaning and maintenance can be ignored. While leather is firmer and doesn’t collect dirt, debris and hair as easily as other upholstered fabrics, leather can be easily scratched. Over time if nothing is done to properly maintain the furniture, it may show cracking and discoloration. Professional cleaning is recommended for maintaining the integrity of your leather furniture. The lifespan of your furniture items will decrease dramatically if neglected proper cleaning and maintenance. Leather hides are each unique in the way they’re prepared, dyed and preserved. In order to protect your furniture, you want to make sure you treat it with the best care and attention.

2. Dust & Vacuum

Unlike other upholstered furniture which absorbs dirt, soil and debris, leather blocks and keeps debris and dirt at the surface. Because of this, dusting and vacuuming your furniture often is crucial to keeping it clean, but also keeping the finish and integrity intact. If you treat or agitate the leather prior to a thorough dusting and/or vacuuming, the surface dirt and debris can score the leather which can result in scratching, which may be hard to remove or repair if neglected.

3. Treat Stains Quickly

When a stain occurs, pay attention and act quickly. While leather is harder to stain, the constant wear and use can cause a breakdown in the hide. If a stain occurs, it’s important to take the necessary action to treat and remove the stain before it sets. You can do this by carefully removing excess liquid by blotting the area with a dry soft cloth. If treated quickly, most liquids and spills can be removed before leather staining occurs.

4. Use Caution When Treating Stains

Adding water to a grease stain can cause further damage, by forcing the stain into the hide instead of extracting it. Additionally, due to the nature of grease or oil stains, many may need professional treatment in order to fully lift from the hide. If discoloration or damage occurs, a professional tanner and cleaner will have the best course of action to reverse or repair the damage.

5. Professional Cleaning Service

While you may be able to spot treat stains and do general cleaning yourself, for noticeable stains and damage, a certified professional will have the knowledge, experience and tools to know which solutions will work best for your leather furniture. Because leather is prepared from different hides, it’s important to use treatments and cleaning chemicals that are safe on your furniture. At Chet’s Cleaning our technicians are trained to inspect for natural markings and soil. We’ll remove debris, clean and dry your leather furniture with great care and attention to maintain its integrity, and provide you with quality service to preserve your furniture for your enjoyment for years to come.

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