Cleaning is a time-consuming chore, and these days between working, children’s activities and errands, there is little time to do a deep cleaning each week. Thankfully, there are ways to get the house clean quickly on weeks when you just don’t have much time to spare.

The trick is to find shortcuts to minimize the overall amount of time spent cleaning while still ending up with a sparkling clean home.

Clear away Clutter

It’s easy for newspapers, magazines, mail and children’s schoolwork to begin to pile up.  Clutter alone can make a home look messy and not very clean.  By keeping the clutter from becoming overwhelming, cleaning becomes a much quicker job.  As you walk through your home, keep your eyes open to items that can be thrown out and things that need to be put away.  By staying aware of the messes that can accumulate and dealing with the clutter as it presents itself, your home will look much more orderly and will be easier to tackle when you clean.

Clean a Little Every Day

Just like keeping the clutter in check, a little cleaning every day saves you from the burden of an entire home that must be cleaned thoroughly.  The secret is to clean when you see a mess.  Rings from cups on a glass table?  Clean them off.  Fingerprints on mirrors or dog hair on the carpet?  Get rid of it.  A little attention each day is a much easier method than spending two hours once a week.  Bonus, your home looks good all the time.

Avoid Tracking in Dirt

It’s amazing how much time can be saved by working at keeping dirt from being tracked in.  Have a carpet at the door to wipe your feet.  Take your shoes off once you are in the house.  Have a place for wet clothing and umbrellas to dry out.  By taking measures to avoid tracking in dirt, you will save some time dusting, washing floors and vacuuming.

Have Good Cleaning Supplies

Having the proper duster to reach corners and ceiling fans or having a wet mop that you just have to turn on without messy buckets of water and cleaning fluid makes quick cleaning a snap.  Not only is it more enjoyable to use tools that really do a good job of cleaning, the right tools will also make cleaning an easier chore.

Invest in a Carrying Case for All of Your Cleaning Supplies

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