Spring is on its way! With it comes Spring cleaning rituals, and the ability to air out and clean out the abuse that winter had on our homes and furnishings. One important furnishing that often gets neglected, but takes the most abuse, is our flooring. Carpeting acts like a sponge absorbing dirt, mud, germs, pet dander and soils; whatever, we throw at it during those long, cold winter months. Indoor air quality is also a major concern if anyone in the home has allergies to pollen, dust mites, or pet dander.

We can do our best to help prolong the life, beauty, and health of our carpeting by consistent vacuuming, spot cleaning, and using walk-off mats. But, how do we know that is enough? When do we need to have our carpets deep-cleaned by professionals? How do we maintain healthy, beautiful carpets after they have been professionally cleaned?

Most consumers do not clean carpet often enough. Carpet is reported to be the third most expensive investment you make for your home, yet it is oftentimes overlooked. Deterioration of the carpet fibers can occur when soil from foot traffic continually grinds into the weave of the carpet. If not cleaned properly, the carpet can dull, smell unsanitary, and need to be replaced prematurely. Most carpet manufacturers suggest cleanings using hot water extraction methods, with a perfect balance of detergent for the most thorough results.

Hiring a Professional Carpet Cleaner

When hiring a professional carpet cleaner, ask what their cleaning steps are before setting the appointment. Raking the carpet to loosen contaminants, thoroughly vacuuming prior to cleaning, taking extra care to protect your home and belongings are the most important steps that should not be overlooked. Next, using a heated preconditioner will break down the spots and soil. Using harsh chemicals can void warranties, so using “green cleaners” will do a thorough job and protect the environment. Using equipment that is well maintained, can efficiently rinse the carpet, and extract the residual water will provide the best cleaning experience. Preventing overwetting and faster drying times will keep spots from reappearing. Reapplication of carpet protectants will provide an important barrier between soils and carpeting. All of these steps are critical in prolonging the health and life of your carpet.

Ultimately the frequency of scheduled carpet cleaning appointments depends upon traffic and soiling conditions.  Professional cleaning should be performed a minimum of once every twelve months. If there are pets in the home or there are heavy traffic areas, it is recommended that they are cleaned every six months. Commercial facilities should be cleaned a minimum of once every twelve months; however, heavy-use areas require more frequent cleaning by certified professionals. Post-cleaning care should include frequent carpet inspection for visible damage. Any snags, pulls, or separated seams should be taken care of quickly. Spills and stains should be dealt with immediately and not left to sit.  Use spot treatment products that are referred to you by your carpet cleaning professional. Harsh chemical products might seem to get the stain out, but its residual will be a magnet for dirt and soil.

When choosing the best-certified carpet cleaning professional in the metro Detroit area, remember the important questions to ask. Remember that continued maintenance and regularly scheduled cleaning appointments will prolong the health and beauty of your carpet investment. Chet’s Cleaning certified professional technicians can answer all of those important questions. We do whatever it takes to make you thrilled with our company and our many cleaning services.

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