Buyers Beware: Synthetic Rugs

Synthetic Rug

Synthetic Rugs are made from materials like acrylic, viscose, polyester, nylon, polypropylene, rayon, and other similar materials are very popular for a variety of reasons. Some are easier to maintain, some are more difficult. Some come at higher price points and are considered luxurious, while others are meant for your mudroom floor in the dead of winter.

Rayon is actually considered a semi-synthetic rugs material because it is made with cellulose from wood or cotton. Some rug and carpeting experts believe this material dates back to the late 1800’s, and is known for being breathable, cool, and easily dyed with a rainbow of color options. Popular market names for rayon rugs include Faux Silk, Art Silk, Bamboo Silk, and Viscose (among many others).

That all sounds pretty good, right? Well, the kicker is rayon rugs often require special care, and hiring the wrong company for the job can land you online looking to replace your beloved rug. They work well for soft, absorbent bath mats that will likely be replaced every few years, but when placed in a high-traffic area, keeping the rayon soft and strong can be nearly impossible.

Synthetic Rugs Strength

First of all, these fibers just aren’t that strong. While cotton gets stronger when wet, rayon can lose up to half of its strength. Therefore, it is vital to take extra special care of the rugs when they are being cleaned – whether it is a full clean or just spot cleaning.

Synthetic Rugs Resiliency

Again, cotton and other materials are more resilient than rayon – which is at the bottom of the resiliency barrel. These types of rugs become easily matted down with heavy traffic, and trying to fluff it back up with a good vacuuming may do more harm than good.

Synthetic Rugs Cleaning

As you might have guessed from the last two categories, synthetic rugs, rayon rugs, are especially difficult to clean. We have heard horror stories from clients who have hired someone other than Chet’s to clean their rugs, and the rugs ended up ruined.

For example, a normal wet cleaning will likely just cause the fibers to get flattened and matted down. So instead of perky, fluffy, refreshed rugs, you’re left with rugs looking sometimes worse than before the cleaning. Dry cleaning is also not a good route to go.

You must be sure you hire someone who understands the manufacturing process of rayon rugs, and how to effectively clean and care for these rugs without ruining them.

Hiring a Good Carpet Cleaning Company

Not sure what to look for in a carpet cleaning company? Here are some considerations:

  • Professional certifications. For example, is the company certified by The Institute for Inspection Cleaning and Certification (IICRC)? This is the top organization within the carpet cleaning industry and offers companies and technicians a variety of education and certification to carpet cleaners, like Chet’s! Look for the IICRC logo right on the company’s website.
  • Customer testimonials. The company’s website should feature a number of raving customer testimonials!
  • Ask about their scope of knowledge & the surfaces they clean. Do they seem to understand how a variety of different flooring is made? Do they seem to understand that different types of surfaces need different care? And with that, do they have the tools and cleaning solutions that work best for each different type of flooring?
  • Ask for estimates in writing. Protect yourself and ask for your estimate in writing. Obviously, estimates are just that – estimates – and can change as the job changes, but unfortunately gone are the days of agreeing to thinks verbally. Having the service and base fee outlined on paper will save you the headache later, and help you call out a company that might cut corners.
  • Consider the price. While you may be tempted to accept the lowest bid, that may not be the best option. After all, you get what you pay for, right? Also, be wary of companies that low-ball you at the door, and then try to upsell you on services later. You want a clear quote and numbers right off the bat. No guesswork.

Rest assured your rayon or viscose rugs can be maintained and cared for with the right carpet cleaning company on your side!

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