Dogs LOVE to “go outside.” (Your yard has so much mold.)  Pups love to swim and play in the water (mold loves water.) At the end of a fun day, doggies come into the home to be part of your household. And the mold comes in, too, forming carpet mold. mold carpet cleaning for dog

Any area of your home that gets damp and retains moisture can bring risk not only to damage the structure with costly repairs, but also to impact the health of the (people and pets who love them.) The health risks of human exposure to mold are well documented. According to the CDC (US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), symptoms of mold exposure can include nasal stuffiness, eye irritation, wheezing, or skin irritation. More severe reactions may include fever and shortness of breath.  

And it’s not just people who can get sick from mold. Your pets can be affected too. Like humans, some pets are more susceptible to mold spores than others. Keeping homes and their carpets clean is key to healthier people and pets. 

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Health Effects

The dangers of carpet mold exposure for pets were exposed in 2007, when a veterinarian found pulmonary hemorrhages in two cats during pre-op procedures, due to flood damage. So be aware of the signs of exposure. Pets who are exposed to mold can experience adverse health effects, including:

Pets can be poisoned by toxic mold in three ways: inhalation, ingestion or an allergic reaction. Signs and symptoms of mold exposure can mimic other health conditions. Some dogs will have an allergic reaction with excessive scratching, chewing or licking which leads to fur loss and painful sores. The immediate impact of mold is often treatable in the short term; longer term exposure can be more serious and more difficult to manage. When left untreated, carpet mold exposure can lead to organ damage, creating more severe complications. 

So, if your dog is showing any symptoms, take him or her to the veterinarian.  

Prevention is Key

To keep your pets and your family safe from mold, create a healthy place for you and your furry friends. Keep your home’s interior as dry as possible. Repair your leaky basement, roof, pipes, windows, and other areas where water is getting in or accumulates from drips or condensation.

Launder your pet’s bedding frequently, and immediately if it becomes damp; wash pet toys once a week. 

Several times a year, you might need professional help to provide the healthiest home for your family. Vacuuming can only go so far to control the allergens. The right professionals have more products and techniques to get your carpets mold and dust free. If you are worried about exposure to germs in your home, have a competent and experienced team come in to deep clean and sanitize with professional equipment.  

If mold is discovered, it’s a good idea to keep family members, including your pet, away while the carpets are cleaned.  In some cases, you might need to move your family or at least your pet to another location until the mold has been treated. 

Carpet Cleaning with Chet’s Cleaning

Pets make your family complete. Keeping your family, home, and pets safe from dust, dirt, and allergies is important. Weekly vacuuming with a quality machine is the best way to maintain your carpets. Every year or so, have a competent and experienced team come in to deep clean and sanitize with professional equipment. Chet’s has served the Metro Detroit area since 1986.

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