With the current health crisis going on, keeping your house clean and disinfected is one of the safest ways to protect your family. A clean home will minimize the spreading of germs from one family member to the next and help you all stay safe and healthy. Here are our best cleaning and disinfecting tips for your home regularly.

Clean Your Home Every Week With These Cleaning and Disinfecting Tips


You can start by doing the main things every single week. You should dust your furniture once a week, vacuum, mop, and clean the bathrooms. Toilets need a clean at least every week, and the shower and bathtub also need a regular clean. The bathrooms are high-traffic areas in your home. All family members go in daily, so keeping them clean is very important for reducing the transmission of germs.

If you use warm water with natural detergents to wash with, agitate and rinse you will destroy viruses and kill most bacteria without using disinfectants. And if you want or need to use disinfectants, use ones that are safer for you and the environment like Hydrogen Peroxide or Isopropyl Alcohol. 

Clean the Kitchen Counters Every Day

The kitchen counter can secretly be holding on to loads of germs, including bacteria, salmonella, and more. This surface should be disinfected daily. Wipe down your counters after every meal preparation to ensure all of the bacteria and germs are neutralized. You can use natural products like Plant Based Dish Detergent if you want to keep your home chemical-free but thoroughly rinse after cleaning. Use the disinfecting products of your choice to ensure proper disinfection, 3% Hydrogen Peroxide is safe and effective, just put a sprayer in a quart bottle of Peroxide to make it convenient. Chlorine bleach, even when diluted, is bad for the environment and can get tracked onto carpet and upholstery and will permanently discolor it. 

Vacuum Rugs Regularly

Rugs and carpeting can hang on to loads of dust and debris. This eventually gets into the air, and you and your family breathe it in. To avoid this, be sure to vacuum your carpets and rugs at least once per week. You should also ensure to beat the rug at least once per month to dislodge deep-down debris. Maintain regular vacuuming of your carpeting at least once per week and be sure to call in professional cleaning services for a deep carpet cleaning at least once per year and ideally a couple of times per year, especially if you have children and or pets.  (Carpet cleaning consultants can help you care for your rugs and maximize their lifespan, too!)

Move the Furniture Every Month

Vacuuming and mopping the floor you walk on is great, but you must also be sure to move furniture at least once a month to ensure you are cleaning the floors and rugs everywhere. You have no idea what kind of bacteria, mold and allergens may be hiding behind your furniture. Move everything at least once a month to ensure your home is clean and safe from top to bottom.

De-Clutter First

As your family grows, so does your clutter. It can be tough to give your home a proper cleaning when clutter is hidden behind every closet door. Every month, choose one spot in the house to de-clutter entirely. Throw out or give away what you don’t use. You’ll make loads more room for yourselves. Plus, you’ll be able to actually clean and get rid of dust and debris without clutter in the way.

Hire the Pros for a Deep Clean

No matter how tidy and clean you try to keep your home, it still gets dirty. The scary part is that dirt and debris can hide in the most unlikely places. It’s a good idea to get your home professionally deep cleaned at least two to four times per year. With the right products and convenient tools, professional cleaning services can ensure your home is totally clean and disinfected. Find a professional house cleaning service that will move your appliances out of the way to really give your home a good scrub down. And don’t forget to have your rugs, upholstery and carpeting properly cleaned too. 

Keeping your home environment clean and thoroughly disinfected is the best way to protect your family from the unwanted transmission of germs and a plethora of man-made toxins. Keep your home perfectly clean with these cleaning and disinfecting tips. If you live in the metro Detroit area and need a little help from professional cleaning services contact Chet’s Cleaning today and book your free consultation!

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