Cleaning Up After the Holidays

Holiday Cleaning Graphics

Once the holidays are over, it is difficult to feel enthusiastic about taking down the decorations for storage and returning your home to its pre-holiday order. But the sooner you do it, the better you will feel. These tips will help you tidy up the seasonal mess without stressing you out.

Organizing and Packing Away Decorations

When you hung that extra string of lights or added just one more wreath, you thought it was a good idea. Now you are not so sure. Don’t worry. It is not as bad as you think when you approach it the right way.

  • Prepare your storage supplies. You may already have boxes to store your decorations, but perhaps it is time to upgrade. If you have been using cardboard boxes, think about purchasing stackable plastic containers with lids. They are much more durable. Collect enough newspaper or bubble wrap for your delicate items and don’t forget markers to write what is inside each box.
  • Divide and conquer. Separate your decorations into those which are fragile enough to break (lights, holiday plates, glass ornaments, etc.) and those which need less coddling. Pack delicate items together with enough protection to keep from breaking. Pack the items for each part of your home together to make it simpler to set up next year.
Christmas Supplies

Put Away Your New Presents

With so many new gifts, you may not have found a space for them all yet. Do it now. Try these tricks to make it easier.

  • Do you really want that? Everyone receives a few duds as gifts each year. Instead of just throwing an unwanted present in the garage why not donate it to someone who would love it? If you know you will never use an item, don’t bother taking it out of the box, just call a charity to pick it up or drop it off at a local organization.
  • Remove older items from your home. If there isn’t enough space for everything, it is time to make some tough choices about what goes and what stays. The holidays are a great time to declutter your home by getting rid of anything broken or giving away unwanted, but still good things. This is especially difficult for children, but it offers parents the opportunity to teach them about the importance of charity.

Deep Clean Your Home

Holidays are messy. It is time to clean up.

  • Tackle the kitchen first. Even people who spend little time in the kitchen the rest of the year, find themselves cooking and baking during the holidays. Start your cleaning in the kitchen. Throw out all the leftovers from your fridge and give the oven a good scrubbing.
  • Tidy up the living room. Once the kitchen is clean, head for the living room. Holiday parties are tough on furniture. Make sure there are no food or beverage stains and give your carpet a good vacuuming.

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