No matter the season, something always makes indoor allergies flare up: pollen, cigarette smoke, dust, cat dander. Regular vacuuming and dusting can be a big help for controlling indoor allergens, but after a while, you’ll need a professional carpet cleaning for allergies.  

Carpet Allergy ControlCarpets act like giant filters for allergens; the fibers capture and then release the allergens whenever the carpet is stepped on. For better indoor air quality, carpets need to be regularly cleaned so the trapped allergens can be effectively removed. Without a regime for allergen control, your carpets slowly fill with dander, pollen, dust, and dust mite debris.  

Different types of carpets are easier to clean than others. In the metro Detroit area, Chet’s Cleaning team of professionals are the local experts and your best choice for carpet maintenance. 

Vacuuming is Your First Line of Defense

You (hopefully) own the most important tool for allergy control- your vacuum. The brand, the model, its features, and how you use it all contribute to the effectiveness of your vacuum. The latest robotic options can execute a schedule so that your home is vacuumed when activated by your phone, or even with zero human intervention. 

Carelessly attacking carpets can result in more dust being sent into the air than is collected by the vacuum cleaner. To improve results 1) use a HEPA-filtered vacuum, and 2) vacuum slowly and methodically.  Work the vacuum from the far corner of the room in an overlapping pattern; make sure that each piece of carpet is covered twice. The Healthy House Institute suggests that the first pass draws dirt, dust, and particles upwards, and the second pass ensures capture by the machine.

Vacuum no less than once per week to keep your air as clean as possible.  If someone in your family suffers from asthma, carpet cleaning for allergies will reduce asthma symptoms, you may need to do it more often.

More Intense Support

The most common nasal allergy triggers are found right inside your home: pet dander, dust mite allergen, mold spores, and even pollen. Several times a year, you might need professional help to provide the healthiest home for your family. Vacuuming can only go so far to control the allergens. The professionals at Chet’s Carpet Cleaning have more products and techniques to get your carpets spotless and dust-free. 

If you are worried about exposure to germs in your home, have a competent and experienced team come in to deep clean and sanitize with professional equipment. Our carpet cleaning experts take every precaution to protect you and your home by using:

Chet’s has served the Metro Detroit area since 1986 and will continue to support your health and home through carpet cleaning. Contact us today for a free consultation!

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