Drape or curtain cleaning is a necessary part of keeping your home or commercial property looking in tip-top shape. However, there are many questions that people typically have about drape cleaning. Thus, we have included below many frequently asked questions about drape cleaning that are hopefully helpful to you. For any further questions, contact the cleaning pros at Chet’s Cleaning in the Grosse Pointe Area.

Which Drapes Can I Wash Safely?

Curtains made of synthetic fibers are among those that can be washed safely in cold water. Do not machine dry, hang to let air dry, and steam may be required to smooth out wrinkles.

What About Other Types Of Fabric That Aren’t Synthetic?

Unlike clothing fabric, most drapery fabric is not designed to be washed. Washing draperies will cause fabric damage, shrinkage and shorten the lifespan of your drapes. Only professional cleaning method cans guarantee no shrinkage and no fabric damage. When it comes to cleaning your delicate drapes, contact Chet’s Cleaning.

How Do I Clean Silk Drapes?

Do not get them wet, do not dry clean. They will never be like new again. You can vacuum them to remove surface dust. Only the professional cleaning process can safely clean these delicate fabric types.

Why Should I Clean My Drapes?

Drapes are constantly absorbing airborne pollutants due to constant airflow. This creates a prime environment for dust mites and other harmful organisms that can even carry infectious diseases. Also, embedded dirt and moisture in your drapes combine with sunlight to produce dry rot. Fumes from furnaces, fireplaces, and food combine to form chemicals that oxidize in the air forming a mild acid. Most of these things mentioned above can’t just be seen with the naked eye. Thus, even if it doesn’t look like your drapes may need a cleaning.

Why Can’t I Just Vacuum The Drapes Myself?

Vacuums only attack the surface of the problem, they don’t get down to the real problem in your drapes. Furthermore, the brush of the vacuum can actually make the problem worse by embedding dust deeper within the drape and potentially leaving dirty streaks on the fabric.

How Long Does It Take To Clean A Drape?

The cleaning process takes just a couple of hours to get the job done right. However, we can’t give an accurate prediction for how long it would take on your own. It would most likely take a lot longer and you still may not be able to fully clean the drapes. When it comes to drape and curtain cleaning, it is always best to go with the pros.

Despite all the important information about drape cleaning above, the most important thing you can know is simple. For the best quality, no-hassle drape cleaning you should contact professionals. At Chet’s Cleaning, we are one such professional cleaning service that you can count on to get the job done right.

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