When it’s time to get your carpets cleaned, we at Chet’s Cleaning know that the offers, specials and techniques can get complicated. One carpet-cleaning method, dry extraction or Steam Cleaning, isn’t technically a “dry” procedure; it’s more a “moisture-controlled” process. That is, it applies a controlled amount of moisture to clean the carpet and still leave it dry. This process is similar to the DIY spray foam in can, but the equipment is larger and more powerful.

Dry carpet cleaning systems are more accurately known as “very low moisture” (VLM) systems and are gaining interest due in part to their rapid drying time, a significant factor for 24-hour commercial installations. Dry-cleaning and “very low moisture” systems are also often faster and less labor-intensive than wet-extraction systems. In the 1990s, new polymers began literally encapsulating (crystallizing) soil particles into dry residues on contact. With this current technology, encapsulation and other green technologies work better, are easier to use, require less training, save more time and money, and lead to less re-soiling than prior methods.

Though it uses the same cleaning chemicals, the dry process alters the number of chemicals used and how they’re applied. A machine brushes the cleaning agents through the carpet’s fibers. Dissolved dirt is then removed with a machine that rubs soft cotton pads over the carpet. The cleaner is activated with enough liquid to dissolve the dirt. It then re-absorbs the soil and liquid, ready to vacuum and immediately use.

Wet Carpet Cleaning or Steam Cleaning

This method is sometimes called steam cleaning; hot water is pumped onto the carpet with a powerful hose, forcing water and cleaning agents down into the carpet fibers. As the water rushes through the carpet, it pushes out the dirt and particles trapped in there.  Once the carpet has been completely hosed down, the hot water is extracted the same way it came out. 

The carpet then needs some time to dry out completely before it can be used. Chet’s team uses Rotary, Low-Pressure Steam Cleaning Extraction. By using low pressure, neutral PH steam rinse, combined with rotary extraction, the carpet is rinsed gently, but thoroughly. It is the only way to get your carpet it’s cleanest and prevents overwriting, which is the main cause of spots “reappearing” after cleaning.

Which Method is Best?

After you compare them the answer is “it depends.” The hot water extraction carpet cleaning process tends to provide a more thorough cleaning. It is able to get down deep in the carpet where the dry method cannot. But on the downside, it can take much longer for the carpet to be useable, sometimes as long as several days.

The dry cleaning method is very effective, and it may actually be better at getting rid of certain stains, but it can also cause damage to the carpet and the environment. The chemicals that it uses to clean with are often very harsh and can be unsafe to be in close proximity to. The wet cleaning method is preferred by most certified carpet cleaning companies; our trusted representative can explain which method is best for your carpet.  

As professionals, the techs do this all day every day, and that experience helps them realize the maximum cleaning potential of each system. For example, on a heavily soiled carpet a professional might first use a power shampoo system and then follow it with hot water extraction from equipment mounted on a truck.

Our team brings two other advantages as well. First, they’re accustomed to moving the heavy furniture. Second, they usually know a lot more about how to handle specific challenges like heavily soiled areas and stains.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Weekly vacuuming with a quality machine is the best way to maintain your carpets. Every year or so, have a competent and experienced team come in to deep clean and sanitize with professional equipment. Our team of experts takes every precaution to protect your home by using:

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