Glass jars are wonderful for storing all sorts of odds and ends.  Having a jar with a lid is priceless.  The only problem with saving a glass jar to store supplies, crafts or to use as a vase is the ugly label that remains on the jar.

Cleaning the label off a glass jar can be time-consuming and frustrating.  Many times, remnants of glue or paper refuse to come off.  After scraping labels with a razor, using chemicals like nail polish remover, WD-40 or Goo-Gone, we have finally found an easy, organic way to remove a label from a glass bottle that is simple to do, no chemicals are used and it isn’t too messy.


Hot Water
Dish Soap
Olive Oil


1.  Pour a small amount of dish soap into the bottom of your bucket.

2.  Fill the bottle with hot water to weight it down when placed in the bucket.

3.  Fill the bucket with hot water.  Use enough water to make sure the bottle is fully submerged.

4.  Soak overnight.

5.  When you take the bottle out of the soapy water the next day the label should slide right off.

6.  Use some olive oil and rub it on any glue that has remained on the bottle.

7.  Use soap and water to wash off the olive oil.

8.  Dry the glass bottle.

No more label!

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