A spider web’s silvery strands can be truly beautiful, but not when they’re collecting dust in the corners of your home. Cobwebs are basically unoccupied spiderwebs that a spider has passed on. They attract dust and allergens like a magnet, cluttering hard-to-reach corners and appearing seemingly out of nowhere. The good news? Giving cobwebs the boot doesn’t have to be a pain in the neck. Here’s how.

1. Tackle Textured Surfaces

When cobwebs are attached to textured walls or bumpy ceilings, it takes more than a broom to pull them down. Instead of brushing at them (and smearing the dust around), gently roll a sticky lint roller over the wall or ceiling’s surface. The adhesive will grab the tiny cobweb strands and the dust quickly and easily.

2. Pinpoint Small Spaces

If cobwebs are twisted around hinges or caught in narrow spaces like air vents or the corners of door jambs, try using a small (1-inch) paintbrush or even an old toothbrush to sweep them out of the crevices.

3. Suck It Up

Vacuums are one of your most potent tools in the fight against cobwebs, so attach your extension nozzle and go to town. Your vacuum’s extension nozzle is also great for reaching both high and low corners in your home, so you won’t have to get on your hands and knees to make sure you get every last vestige of your spiders’ old homes.

4. Kick Spiders Out

Spiders (and many other insects) despise citrus, eucalyptus and peppermint. Try smearing a few drops of one of those essential oils on a cotton ball and gently rubbing it along the ceiling or corners that spiders tend to frequent. Because spiders “smell” with their legs, they won’t set foot in an area that carries traces of those scents, and they’ll look elsewhere when they want to build a home. Vacuuming out your corners every week or two also makes your house less hospitable for critters and more hospitable for your guests.

5. Pay Attention to Plants

Spiders love hiding out in potted plants, both indoors and out. Moist, leafy places offer the perfect refuge for spiders and other insects, so consider moving them away from your windows and doors outside or just be aware that you may need to vacuum and cobweb-check the areas near your indoor plants more frequently than the rest of the house.

6. Call a Pro

Having your home professionally cleaned can  eliminate allergens you didn’t even realize were there and reveal a sparkling clean feel you didn’t even realize was possible. Chet’s specializes in removing indoor pollutants by cleaning even the tiniest areas that collect allergens (like those pesky cobwebs), so if you need a hand getting a fresh start, contact us today.

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