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The majority of us love the look of that new furniture that you just brought to your home. However, don’t you just dread the thought of your furniture getting ruined? To help ensure your furniture stays looking brand new be sure to do regular maintenance furniture cleaning. This will help make sure that your furniture will last years on end. However, if you have leather furniture, you may want to be more frequent with your maintenance cleaning since leather can get dried out and crack depending on where it is left. Leather and many other pieces of furniture are often sensitive to stains, especially liquid stains.


If you have happened to have a liquid stain on your brand new furniture, you need to react as soon as possible. The longer you wait to react, the more time the liquid can bond with the fibers and other elements in your furniture. Thus making it harder to remove the stain since it will become a more permanent stain if it is left for too long. Making it more difficult to remove and leaving you with an ugly patch.

Contact the Professionals

Often times the dirt and other debris can act like sharp razor blades, thus cutting and scratching the beautiful surface on your furniture. Using the wrong chemicals on your furniture could lead to even more irreparable damage. Hiring a professional furniture cleaning company can prevent any additional damage to your furniture and may save you money in the long run. Professional furniture cleaning technicians will know what kind of fabric your furniture is made of and how to safely and effectively clean it.

Regular Cleaning Maintenance

When it comes to your regular cleaning maintenance routine, be sure you do not use chemicals that are too harsh for your furniture. Often times there is a tag on the furniture that will help guide you in how to wash the material without degrading it. If you do not have a tag, you can call the company that you bought it from and they can help guide you with cleaning your furniture properly. Improper cleaning can destroy the fibers or elements that are inside your furniture.

Furniture Placement

When it comes to placing your furniture around the house, be sure to ask the manufacturer if the item can be placed in direct sunlight. Most furniture is treated differently to withstand different weather conditions. If you end up putting your furniture in direct sunlight in your window, you risk having faded to the color or even have cracking appear on the item. If your leather furniture ends up in the sunlight, be sure to condition it more often since the sun will dry it out faster than having it in an area where there is less sunlight.

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