Can you believe 2016 is nearly over? Us either! It’s been another busy and successful year for Chet’s, providing our customers with hardwood floor cleaning services throughout Metro Detroit! Every year, we watch new flooring trends come in hot, and other trends fade into the background. We also do our fair share of cleaning those types of floors that never go out of style – like quality carpet and gorgeous hardwood.

Over the last several years, darker hardwood floors have been in style, and lighter wood has felt pretty “passé” … but flooring experts predict that is all about to change! According to the “flooring inc” blog, gray finishes are going to be the star in 2017, followed by blonde, then dark wood coming in as last on the spectrum. It’s predicted that more traditional colors and finishes will move aside as homeowners truly look to make bold statements with their flooring choices.

Hardwood Floor Trends

As always, no matter the finish, the wood, or the design, Chet’s Cleaning has the right tools and expertise to keep your hardwood floors looking as glorious as the day they were installed. If you live in the metro Detroit area check out our range of cleaning services and contact us today for a free consultation!

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