Would you ever let your baby roll around on a bed of nasty germs and other harmful pollutants? That’s exactly what’s happening when your baby is playing on a dirty carpet. The fine fibers in carpets are like spider webs that collect harmful bacteria, soil, dust, pet hair, pollen and other harmful bio-contaminates.

Here at Chet’s Cleaning, we are well aware of the health hazards that come with a dirty carpet. That is why we are committed to making your home a safe place by doing a professional and thorough carpet cleaning job. These health threats include but are not limited to respiratory issues, allergies, a weakened immune system and mental health.

Respiratory Issues & Allergies

clean-bedroom-carpetWe’re in the midst of allergy season so it’s important to take special precautions to keep those allergens out of our homes. Dirty carpets are a thriving place for mold, which attracts allergens and harmful bacteria. Every time someone steps on the carpet, millions of bacteria and allergen particles are dispersed into the air. Imagine inhaling that stuff every time someone walks around your home! This can lead to problems worse than a couple sneezes here and there. Individuals can suffer from flu-like symptoms, asthma and skin rashes. Skin irritation, eczema and athlete’s foot are also potential health hazards that are triggered by dust mites thriving in dirty carpets.

Weakened Immune System

Our immune system defends us against infections and other invaders. Dirty carpets increase our exposure to harmful bacteria and can negatively affect our immune system. Perhaps the most dangerous microbe that can be found in dirty carpets are mycotoxins. Mycotoxins are toxic compounds that are produced by organisms of the fungus kingdom. In the worst cases, mycotoxins can be the cause of death in both humans and other animals. Mycotoxins can’t be sucked up by a vacuum, which is why you would need to hire a professional to deal with the problem. Taking the necessary steps to protect ourselves from these dangerous invaders will improve our immune system and potentially save our lives.

Mental Health

Dirtiness alone can be a great cause of stress and anxiety. If not, then taking care of a sick child or your own health can be. To avoid putting your mental health at risk it is important to care for your living environment and physical health. As Marie Kondo once stated, “The objective of cleaning is not just to clean, but to feel happiness living within that environment.” As we create a clean healthy environment to live in, our overall mental, physical and emotional health will improve.

The cost of health is a lot pricier than clean carpets! That being said, a good quality carpet cleaning will help save you money in the long run. At Chet’s Cleaning we invest in the best resources and equipment to ensure proper maintenance so that each service is performed safely and professionally. Before having to deal with any of these health hazards, please consider calling us or requesting a carpet cleaning service today.

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