Make An Easy Job Out of Cleaning Window Blinds With These 6 Tips

Let’s face it, cleaning window blinds can be a messy and tedious chore. How many times have you thought about cleaning your blinds and then decided against it because of the amount of work involved?

The four most common types of material for blinds are fabric, wood, vinyl and metal.  With these handy tips, you can get any of these types of blinds looking as good as new.

We have put together a list of 6 tips to make cleaning and maintaining your blinds an easier and more pleasant job.

  1.  Vacuum your blinds regularly.  Make sure to vacuum across the slats and not up and down.  If you have vertical blinds, only vacuum in a downward motion.  By vacuuming your blinds once a week, you will significantly cut down on the need of deep cleaning the blinds.
  2. Use a dry sponge (found at hardware stores) to remove dust and residue from slats in the blinds.
  3. If you have wooden blinds, you can use a damp rag on them to remove dust, but be careful not to use a rag that is too wet.  You don’t want to soak the wood or make a bigger mess for yourself.
  4. If there are areas that are particularly dirty on your blinds, you can spot clean them.  Use an all-purpose cleaner directly on the rag.  Do not spray directly onto the blinds.
  5. For vinyl and metal blinds, you can take them down and spray them off with a garden hose or shower hose.  Don’t submerge them in water.  Make sure to hang them up where they can drip dry.  To prevent water spots from forming, take a dry towel and wipe each slat individually.
  6. If you have fabric blinds that have gotten particularly dingy, you can have them dry cleaned.
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