You know the drill, it’s the weekend and the kid’s rooms are a mess. There will be arguments waged over trying to get the kids to clean up their rooms.  It’s an exhausting practice that is all too familiar in too many homes. What can you do to get kids to clean their rooms?

Why is it so important for kids to clean their own rooms?

Kids need to learn how to be responsible for their own things.  Taking care of their room and respecting the things they have in it is a lesson they need to learn as they are growing up.  Being able to take responsibility, learning how to cut down a big task into small pieces and staying on top of the chore are important skills they will need to help them navigate life as they become adults.

Those who are successful as adults are the people who have learned time-management, how to make goals and keep them, how to take a big project and cut it down into manageable portions and how to calmly deal with a situation that can seem overwhelming.

What are some tips that can help a child to take care of their room?

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