Here are some sobering statistics and findings most of us don’t know: Over the past century man has produced over 60,000 new chemicals, many of which are toxic. Each year man produces over 2000 new chemicals! We track most contamination into our homes and businesses from outside on the soles of our shoes, our pets paws and on our clothing.

Many contaminants come from cleaning products, insecticides, pesticides and other chemicals we use in and around our homes.

Air Quality Graphic

Our appliances, furnishings and the construction byproducts also leave some contamination behind. 80% of pesticides are found indoors. We spend more time indoors than ever before. On average we spend up to 90 percent of our time indoors.

Common house dust is made up of natural contamination, such as human and pet dander, insects, their excrement and their dead matter, soil, food particles, bacteria, molds, etc… And more chemicals than a scientist can name. And the biggest problem is once these chemicals attach to indoor dust they can linger for decades!

Studies show Lead, Arsenic, pesticides, herbicides, fire retardants, Asbestos, and DDT (which was banned by the EPA 12.31.1972) as well as many other toxic chemicals in common house dust.

Children and the elderly are the most susceptible to indoor air pollution, but Low Level Long Term Exposure to even mild toxins can have long term effects on our bodies!

Why is This Important to You?

Small children are much more susceptible to this contamination because they play on the floor and routinely transfer things from their hands to their mouths. They absorb many compounds through their skin while crawling and sleeping. Their mouths are also much closer and receive higher concentrations of contamination from carpet, furniture and bedding.

BabyExposures to environmental pollutants may lead to the development of respiratory disease in children. Even low level exposure can intensify neurological problems, learning disabilities, asthma, cancer, aggressive behavior, immune system dysfunction and other adverse health effects.

On average, 91 industrial compounds, pollutants, and other chemicals are detected in the average Americans blood and urine. These toxins have been linked to many debilitating and life threatening illnesses, including Cancer, ALS, MS, reproductive issues and birth defects.

Child with OxygenWhat About Asthma, Allergies, and Mold?

Asthma triggers are commonly found in homes, schools, and offices and include mold, dust mites, pollution, secondhand smoke, and pet dander. Mold can be growing in bathrooms, basements, or any damp area. Once mold begins growing it releases many more spores that float in the air. Dust mites and other insects leave their excrement everywhere they’ve been. The asthma triggers are mostly found in bedding, carpeting, rugs, furniture, draperies or stuffed animals.

So What Do You Do About This?

Begin with checking your furnace filter monthly and replace as necessary. Buy quality furnace filters or have an electronic air purification system installed.

Properly maintained carpet contributes to a reduction of indoor air pollution.

Start with keeping your floors and other furnishings clean. Microfiber mops and dusters capture more dust and dirt than traditional fibers. Use damp mopping techniques that insure that you’re not making the dust airborne again. We don’t recommend feather dusters.

Vacuum often. We recommend using a Zero Emission, HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filtering vacuum cleaner daily.

If you have allergies or asthma vacuuming 2-3 times per week is recommended. Whole house vacuum systems are the best if they vent outside.

Keep Out the Pollution

Take your shoes off at the door, including guests (most don’t mind).

A door mat reduces the amount of dirt, pesticides, and other pollutants from getting into your home.

Professionally Clean Annually

Hire a professional cleaning company at least annually to flush out the unhealthy contamination from your carpet and furnishings to prevent a buildup of these dangers.

If you need professional cleaners and live in the metro Detroit area, contact Chet’s Cleaning today. We offer an array of proven-effective cleaning services for everything in your home or office!

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