Winter has arrived and with winter comes salt and snow, both of which can wreak havoc on your floors. Whether you have hardwood floors or carpeting, there are several ways to protect your flooring from the harshness of winter. Here are a few tips to keep your floors clean and in good shape through the winter.

Walk-Off Mat

Invest in a good sturdy mat for both the inside and outside of your entry doors. The better the doormat, the less chance there is of it holding moisture, which can quickly turn into mold and mildew. There is no way to prevent moisture from getting into your home completely, but placing doormats inside and outside for wet boots will help keep most of the snow and slush from being tracked throughout your home. Another great way to reduce the amount of moisture that gets tracked through your home is to place a boot tray near the entry.

Sweep, Mop and Vacuum

The best way to keep wood floors and carpets clean this winter is with regular sweeping, mopping and vacuuming. If you have hardwood floors, salt can scratch the finish, so it is essential that you regularly sweep and vacuum to remove the salt. Make sure to use a good antibacterial cleaner that is made for the type of floor you have and always rinse well to remove excessive amounts of harsh cleaners. If you have carpet, you should vacuum at least once a week to remove salt that may get ground into the fibers and be sure to hire a company to deep clean the carpets for you after the winter.

Floor Mat

Preventing Gapping in Wood Floors

Gapping is common in wood flooring during the winter, because the indoor humidity is generally lower, so it dries out the wood. As wood floors lose the moisture, they contract and shrink which ultimately results in spaces between the boards. To help prevent gapping it is important to maintain relative humidity levels inside the house, which can be easily accomplished by running a humidifier.

Keep Track of Kids and Pets

Pets are often the main cause of tracking snow, salt and slush into the house. It is important to train your pets to wait near the door until you dry their paws. Kids are also notorious for going directly into the house without first removing their wet boots. Teach kids to wipe their boots on the outside and inside mat and to take their wet boots off at the door. Clean the inside of entry areas often to avoid a buildup of slush, mud and salt, which can damage floors.

Sweeping, vacuuming and mopping aren’t always enough to keep your floors clean and free from slush and grime. It is recommended that you have a professional, such as Chet’s Cleaning Inc. restore the shine on your hardwood floors and tile and to have carpets professionally cleaned before and after winter.

Need help keeping your floors clean? Contact us at Chet’s Cleaning Inc. today to schedule a cleaning appointment.

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