Most people believe the misconception that when it comes to buying leather upholstered furniture, it won’t last long. However, the lifespan of your leather furniture will be directly impacted by the amount of care or lack of care and maintenance put into it. Buying quality furniture is an investment. Leather furniture, in particular, can be quite an expensive upfront and at times high maintenance. However, if properly treated and maintained, your leather furniture can last a lifetime.

Leather is animal hide that has been tanned, dyed and finished. Because leather is a natural product, the aging and wear can continue to bring out the natural patina and uniqueness of the piece. As leather is used, it will continue to wear in rather than wear out, unlike fabric upholsteries. This unique trait is one reason why leather furniture is sought after. Although leather can be expensive upfront, you could save money down the road with proper upkeep as leather furniture can last a lifetime.

Due to the natural finish and fibers, leather is firmer and doesn’t collect hair, dirt or debris as easily as fabric upholsteries, but rather the debris settles on the surface. In turn, leather is susceptible to visual and physical wear and tear, from discoloration or debris scratching and cracking the hide. If not regularly and carefully dusted and vacuumed, the settled debris will cause scratching to the surface. Even normal use of the furniture can cause significant damage to the upholstery over time.

Place to Protect

Be mindful of where you place your leather furniture. It’s best to avoid placing your furniture in direct sunlight as the sun can cause staining and discoloration to the hide. Staining and discoloration can also occur from spills. You’ll want to clean any spill with a soft, dry cloth and if done quickly, the liquid can be removed before staining occurs.

Don’t DIY

Use caution and avoid using regular cleaning agents on your leather furniture. Although leather is very durable, improper cleaning agents and techniques can cause the hide to crack or break down. Always test a leather cleaning solution in a small hidden area to see how it reacts with your furniture. If any damage occurs, a leather technician may be able to treat and reverse the damage.

Call a Pro

For the best results and a guaranteed job done right, hire a professional leather cleaning company. Professional leather technicians will use the right cleaning methods and agents to carefully and thoroughly deep clean your furniture and be able to remove debris and odors from the material. Aside from regular cleaning methods, leather technicians who are experts in their craft may be able to repair and buff out scratches, dye, and repair discoloration from staining or fading.

It’s recommended to get your leather furniture professionally cleaned and conditioned every 6 to 12 months depending on the amount of wear and tear the furniture undergoes. Regular maintenance on your leather upholstered furniture will prolong the life of your furniture, allowing you to enjoy your investment for many years to come.

If you live in the metro Detroit area, Chet’s Cleaning is your top choice for leather upholstery services. Call our amazing team and find out how we can help you clean and maintain your leather upholstery for its lifespan.

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