Organize Your Home for the New School Year

September is here and the kids are back in school.  Schedules are getting overhauled as sports, homework, and after school activities keep the family busy.  Trying to keep the home from becoming messy is especially challenging this time of year.  There is less time to clean and more stuff being thrown around the house.

Putting together a system to stay organized is the key to a less stressful rush each day.  Below is a list of tips to help you keep your home clean and organized and to prevent anything from becoming misplaced.

1.  Pick a spot in your home for outerwear such as boots, coats and mittens to be placed.  The best way to keep these items organized is to have a landing spot right at the entryway of the home.  It might be a front hall, side entrance, mudroom or garage.

In the area you designate for outerwear, make sure you put up hooks for coats, a rubber mat for wet boots to dry on, a rug to wipe off shoes, a stand for umbrellas and a box for mittens, hats and scarves.

2.  Book bags and homework can get shuffled all throughout the house.  The best way to keep bags and schoolwork tidy is to pick an area of the home where you can put up some shelving.  Each shelf should have the name of a child on it.  The shelf can be used to put a book bag, homework, show and tell items and lunches.

3.  A calendar with lots of space on it is perfect for writing down all activities and events.  To make organizing easier, use a different color for each child when writing down their schedule.  That way, at a quick glance, you can see who is doing what each day.

4.  Find a spot in the house for homework.  Wherever you decide homework should be done, there should be a desk, comfortable chair, reading lamp and no distractions.  Make sure if your child is easily distracted to keep their homework spot away from a television, heavy traffic area or in their own room if there is a chance they could lose focus in there.

With a few adjustments, this school year should be easier.  Less tracking in of mud and debris, everything in its place and knowing what is scheduled to do each day.