Look for a cleaner who can answer these questions:

  • Will they vacuum prior to cleaning? Vacuuming is a necessary step to get your carpet as clean as possible. After conducting a recent survey we found over 70% of carpet cleaners do not vacuum prior to cleaning.
  • Will they be using a vacuum with zero-emission? You want these contaminants trapped, rather than released back into the air to be breathed in. Most vacuums, even with HEPA filters allow small particulate to escape back into the air.
  • Are their cleaning products green and hypo-allergenic? Some cleaners still use cleaners that are dangerous to the environment as well as us.
  • Will they be using a truck-mounted cleaning plant? Portable equipment is not as powerful and takes a very skilled and caring technician to use it effectively.
  • What temperatures do they use and can they control the temperature? Synthetic fabrics can withstand temperatures of 220ºF, but wool should never be cleaned any hotter than 180ºF. Some delicate fabrics require cool temperatures.
  • Do they have a separate wash and rinse procedures? Rinsing is a necessary and separate step in cleaning, not a 2 in 1 step.
  • Do they rinse with a neutralizing solution to prevent re-soiling? Many cleaners do not use a neutralizing rinse which will leave residue to attract soil making your carpet get dirty faster.
  • If you hire someone to steam clean ask how high of pressure will they use? Higher isn’t better, over 300 PSI will leave your carpet saturated and push soil deeper down leaving it behind.
  • How long will it take to dry? 6-24 hours is average depending on the season.
  • Will they use high-velocity fans to speed up the drying process? Having these high-speed fans drying your carpet will get your home back in order sooner.
  • If you hire a company to “dry clean”, ask; where does the soil (toxic dust) go? It doesn’t; it needs to be flushed away with water.

Sadly, many IICRC certified cleaning companies “so-called cleaning professionals”, don’t uphold the standards they promised to uphold when they became certified. When you skip steps and disregard known “best practice principles” you leave much of these hidden dangers behind, even when your carpet and furnishings may look clean.

When you built your home or did some remodeling, did you want the builder to construct it to code (minimum acceptable standards) or above code? The answer is obvious but in our industry the biggest companies which you would expect “the best” work from don’t meet these minimums.

Why you ask? Because they do not care about doing things the RIGHT WAY, and do not have care and concern for you.

The next time you decide to hire a professional cleaner please remember price should not be your sole deciding factor and below you find a list of important questions you should ask. If you live in the Metro Detroit area and are looking to hire professional cleaners look no further than Chet’s Cleaning. We offer free consultations for new clients so contact us today!

Remember, quality doesn’t cost it PAYS.

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